NEMO Cosmo Insulated 20R


Weight 2 lb 2 oz / 966 g
Width 25 in / 64 cm
Length 76 in / 193 cm
Thickness 3 in / 7.6 cm



A comfortable insulated pad that has an integrated…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $140 USD


A comfortable insulated pad that has an integrated foot pump which allows for quick and easy inflation without having to huff and puff or bring along any extra pumps.


  • Integrated foot pump with one-way valve
  • 3-season (could easily be stretched to 4 season)
  • 1-2 minute pump time
  • Horizontal baffling — feels stable and doesn't rock
  • Insulated


  • Foot pump valve is difficult to open

The NEMO Cosmo Insulated 20R is a pad that has exceeded my expectations. I wanted a pad that was first and foremost comfortable and allowed me get a full night's rest. Secondly, I wanted a pad that would perform well during the chillier nights (although I must admit, I never sleep outside when it's REALLY cold). Lastly, I wanted something that was easy to inflate/deflate, pack and carry. This pad has met all those demands. 


Comfort: I've never owned a truly good sleeping pad before, but I've borrowed a variety of friends' pads in the past for a night here or a weekend trip there and they typically left a lot to be desired. This was the first horizontal baffling pad I've slept on and while I can't say for sure that this is the biggest difference, I tend to think it has something to do with the comfort of this pad.

It feels stable, doesn't rock and the head is elevated slightly to provide a little extra boost for your pillow. I've never awoke from being uncomfortable on this pad, which is a far cry from other pads I've slept on. 

Chilly Nights: I've owned this pad for seven months now, sleeping on a 12-15 nights and doing so while using two different bags — a Marmot Trestles 15 (review forthcoming) and a Marmot Aspen 40 Minimalist (review also forthcoming). The coldest night I slept on it was 40°F, so I have yet to truly test its temperature rating of 20°F.

It performed very well at 40°F. If I have the chance to take it out on a night that drops below 40°F, I will update this review accordingly, but in all reality, it's a rare occasion that I sleep outside when it's that cold (So why do I own a 15°F sleeping bag…good question). 

Inflate/Deflate: When I bought this pad, I didn't realize how quickly I was going to fall in love with the integrated foot pump. Again, I bought it primarily for its comfort and its insulation, not the foot pump. However, the foot pump is among its best qualities.

With the one-way valve open (more on that later), all I have to do is repeatedly step on the foot area and in 1-2 minutes (depending on the speed in which I'm stepping) the pad is fully inflated. It's so incredibly simple and works flawlessly. No threat of moisture getting in (ie: pads inflated by human breath) and I don't have to bring along any extra pump. 

When deflating, I simply open the other, more traditional valve located at the head of the pad, and start letting air escape. Pretty simple stuff. 


Action shot! I realize now that a demo video would have been much more helpful. Sorry. 


Close-up of the integrated foot pump area. 

Other Bits: The pad has a layer of PrimaLoft insulation, and is made with 75D PU polyester. It comes with a compression strap (very helpful) and stuff sack, as well as a small repair kit (which I haven't had to, nor do I hope to, have to use). It packs to roughly 8.5"x5" and is a little under 2 lbs (Note: the manufacturer's specs say 1lb 12 oz., but my scale reads a little north of that.)


Size Comparison: The NEMO Cosmo Insulated 20R fully packed with its compression strap and in its stuff sack beside a standard sweat-stained adult ball cap. 

The One Drawback: The only thing about this pad I've found that I don't care for is the sheer strength it takes to open the foot pump valve. Seriously, like He-Man strength! Okay, it's not that bad, but I do constantly worry about ripping the cap off completely or tearing a seam because of how much force it takes to open the valve. I hope the more I use it, the easier it becomes to open the valve. 

Recommendation: Heck yes, I recommend this pad. As I mentioned before, I'm not a pad enthusiast and this is the first real pad I've owned myself, so I don't have lots to compare to. However, getting a full restful night's sleep is crucial to me and every night I've slept on this pad, I've been gifted with a full night of interrupted sleep. That deserves my recommendation. 


Nice review and pics, Kiwi. Thanks for sharing them!

2 years ago

Wonderful review, Kiwi! Thanks for sharing!

2 years ago
Daniel Oates

Great review and pics, Kiwi! The foot pump seems like a nice feature to use after a long hike instead of huffing and puffing when you want to relax.

2 years ago

Nice review. I'm a fan of integrated pumps as its one less thing to play around with.

2 years ago

Nice review, KK!

2 years ago

Thanks folks. While the integrated foot pump wasn't the major selling point for me, now that I've used this pad and enjoyed it thoroughly, I think that if I were to purchase another pad in the future, it'd be tough for me not to buy one with such feature.

2 years ago
Chris Walkup

I'm kind of an active sleeper and have had issues sliding off pads that are horizontal like this do find that to be the case or does it have a coating on top to help keep sliding and noise to a minimum? Nice review and should do foot modeling ;)

2 years ago

A foot model for sure! Great review.

2 years ago

Very funny, Chris and Lah. I have way too long of toes to be a foot model. Haha. Regarding the sliding and noise issues, I find this pad to be much better than those I've previously used. The noise is very minimum and nothing at all like the scratchy ones I've borrowed from friends. While I am a somewhat active sleeper as well, I typically find myself perfectly in place when I wake up on the pad. Occasionally my feet will be kicked off the side, but the majority of my weight is still firmly on the pad. Not sure if that has to do with the coating or the horizontal baffling or just random chance, but I've been very pleased.

2 years ago

Great for saving space on my motorcycle. I ride and…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new


Great for saving space on my motorcycle.


  • Rolled up size


  • Valve very hard to open

I ride and camp from a motorcycle and bought this to replace my rather large 30" wide Thermarest. It's less than half the size rolled up but even more comfortable.

The built-in pump is nice although the valves can be very difficult to open when new. I made a cover for it and zip my sleeping bag to it, copied Big Agnes's idea.