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3 Cup Hard Anodized Pot

rated 4 of 5 stars After years of using 1-quart pots for solo cooking I have discovered that 3-cup pots are all I really need. Why heat nearly 4 cups of water when 3 is all you need? Why carry a larger pot that takes up more space in your pack? I got this pot rather "by accident" when I ordered it with the Trail Designs Sidewinder titanium Caldera Cone stove. That stove required this pot to properly mate with its top diameter. What I discovered was that I really did not need a 1-quart pot for solo cooking. The smaller… Full review

Camp Perk - 5 Cup

rated 4 of 5 stars Works great. Lightweight. Aluminum construction, well made. If you want some deluxe coffee, then this works just fine. I use this for short trips like 1-2 day hikes. The handles cool off quickly, so after you perk you can grab it with a bandanna or a bare hand shortly after the joe is brewed. Pours without drips and runs. Better to get a fine ground versus a percolator grind (typically pretty coarse) with this setup. Nice strong oily beans ground fine will nuke you into oblivion as the sun rises. Full review

Mors Bush Pot 1.8L

rated 5 of 5 stars I purchased the 8-cup Mors pot from Ben's Bushcraft. It however is also sold at Four Dog Stoves. I believe this is made by Open Country, but this is unconfirmed, and Open Country does not sell it directly. The pot is made of hard anodized aluminum, and has a 3(5) position bail handle, and butterfly handles, and a pour spout. The pot comes with an aluminum lid which has a d-ring with a┬ánotch to allow for easy lifting with a stick etc. The bottom of the pot is stamped MADE IN USA. The overall workmanship… Full review

Deluxe Six-Person Non-Stick Camp Set

rated 5 of 5 stars I own an older model of the open country six person cook set, however, my girlfriend refused to eat off of old pans!--- I told her they were seasoned! Nevertheless, I purchased the new set and the aluminum is thinner than my old ones, and the lids felt loose. Nonetheless once the pans were put on the fire the medal expanded and the lids fit snug. The non-stick pans are amazing! Use heat resistance plastic spatulas and etc. To prevent scratching. Also to make cleaning easier take liquid dish soap… Full review

Non-Stick Griddle

The first time I used this griddle the non-stick started to come off. It got stuck all over the food. I was not too happy with this product. Although, I did have one before. Not sure if it was the same one but worked great and I had it for several years until I wore it out. I was not at all satisfied with this one. Full review

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