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Trailside Black Bean and Cheese Burrito

rated 4 of 5 stars Another affordable, filling, easy to make meal from Packit Gourmet. I haven't had a single thing from them that I've been disappointed with. Always full of flavor without the giant dose of sodium like many competitors. Taste: I was expecting a fairly bland burrito but was pleasantly surprised to find some good flavors hiding inside. Lots of onion, cumin, and garlic pop. I chose to heat it up with some hot sauce I brought along as well as a small packet of sour cream. This was a nice change from… Full review

Texas State Fair Chili

rated 5 of 5 stars This is a staple in my pack now for over a year—hydrates well, tastes almost as good as home cooked chili, and fills the corners without leaving me overstuffed. I haven't found a better dinner entree, except packing in fresh food. I finally decided to review what I consider to be one of the best prepackaged dehydrated meals on the market: Packit Gourmet's Texas State Fair Chili (TSFC from here on). TSFC is easy to prepare, and provides good, satisfying taste and nutrition on the trail. The natural… Full review

Potato Samosas with Mango Chutney

rated 5 of 5 stars Super flavorful and easy to prep trail meal. Another rocking meal from Packit Gourmet! Packit Gourmet consistently comes up with trail meals that far exceed the competition in quality and flavor while maintaining ease of prep and price.   Prep on the trail today took about 30 minutes using the hot prep method. As usual the servings are extremely generous, I used 4 tortillas as opposed to the 2 suggested in the instructions. The included mango chutney is killer. It's what makes the meal. Exploding… Full review

Pizza Margherita Wrap

rated 4 of 5 stars Tasty lunch or dinner meal that's really easy to prep and takes very little water. Lots of pizza seasoning. I would add some slices of pepperoni or salami. I'm a big fan of Packit Gourmet and have used them for years, however I've never tried this. I prepped at home out of boredom and curiosity. This is cold prep, however I didn't like the taste so I wrapped and grilled in a pan. This took four tortillas. I will likely use this as a trail lunch to share. The cheese melted nicely and has tons of… Full review

Santa Fe Breakfast Corn Pudding

rated 5 of 5 stars This is the best pre-packaged breakfast that I have eaten on the trail. I have sampled many other dehydrated and freeze dried breakfast items over the years, and have not repurchased any of them. The Packit Gourmet (PIG) Santa Fe Breakfast Pudding is the first one that will be a regular in my trail food rotation. Summary: I usually test gear multiple times, but this breakfast meal was so good a couple of weeks ago that I thought I would share it with everyone before the colder months really set… Full review

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