Platypus GravityWorks/CleanStream Filter Cartridge

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The Platypus GravityWorks Filter Cartridge filters down to 0. 2 microns and meets EPA Guide Standards for the removal of bacteria and protozoans. Pop one in the gravity line of your GravityWorks or CleanStream filter and enjoy fresh water. Measuring just about six inches in length and a few inches wide one of these spare filters takes up minimal room in your backpacking kit. It can't hurt to keep a spare around for particularly dirty water, or large groups that require a constant supply of high quality H20.


This replacement filter cartridge keeps your Platypus GravityWorksTM or CleanStreamTM water filter system (sold separately) operating in tip-top shape.


Maintain your GravityWorks Filter with the replacement GravityWorks Filter Cartridge from Platypus. This 0.2 micron filter meets EPA Guide Standard for removal of bacteria and protozoa.

- Mountain Gear

The Platypus CleanStream Replacement Filter is a hollow fiber filter cartridge for your Platypus CleanStream or Platypus GravityWorks unit when the old one starts to slow down (after about 1,500 liters!). Treats 4 liters in 2.5 minutes as part of the GravityWorks gravity-fed system. Filters down to 0.2 microns, removes 99.9999 percent of bacteria and protozoa. A filter life of approximately 1,500 liters, depending on water quality, means one of these will last you a long, long time. This filter meets EPA Guide Standards for the removal of bacteria and protozoa, insuring any water you treat will be safe to drink. Keep your Platypus CleanStream or GravityWorks going strong all year long with this replacement filter. Weight: 1.9 oz. or 53.4g. Rate: 4 liters in 2.5 minutes. Filtration: Down to 0.2 microns| Filter life: Approximately 1,500 liters. Made in USA of US and imported parts

- Tahoe Mountain Sports