Primus Express Stove (Piezo)


Weight 96 g / 3.3 oz
Dimensions 87 x 40 x 83 mm / 3.4" x 1.6" x 3.3"
Ignition Manual
Boiling Time 3.15 minutes
Suitable for 1 - 2 people



Great little stove! I got this NIB on ebay for $9.95…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $9.95


Great little stove! I got this NIB on ebay for $9.95 as a backup stove to my Primus EtaPackLite and ended up using it more than my primary stove. It was quicker to set up and with the diffuser on the Primus pots, it ended up boiling water just as fast.


  • Light weight
  • Piezo igniter worked every time
  • Flame adjustment worked well


  • Ground stability when using canister as the base

I've been using the Primus EtaPackLite stove system for several years and have really enjoyed it. Now that my children have gotten older and can shoulder more weight in their packs, I decided to get a backup stove that they could also use while on our backpacking trips to make their own food.  

During our summer backpacking trips, I ended up using this stove more often than my primary one. It was just too easy to set up and use. When it got windy, I'd still use the EtaPackLite since it has a more stable platform and a really effective wind shield but on calm days, that one stayed packed up.

I got this at an incredible price on ebay so couldn't resist the purchase. I bid $9.95 and no one ever upped the bid. I was a happy camper, so to speak.

I've only used this for a single season so I hope I don't start having the issues mentioned in the other review.  I live in CO and we typically camp anywhere from 7,000' to 10,000'.  I guess time will tell.


Worked great at first, but disappointed over time.

Rating: rated 3 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new


Worked great at first, but disappointed over time.


  • Compact


  • Decreased flame output over time

This stove worked great at first but became clogged, I believe, and would hardly simmer water after the first day. When it worked, it worked great, but haven't experienced the same performance since.

I tried everything, clearing the gas port, changing canisters (x's 3) and trying it at different altitudes. I even changed canister brands with no luck.

I emailed Primus about a month ago with no response, which disappointed me even more.

The reviews of this stove are good so I'm wondering if I just got a "bad apple" and I'm at a loss to why it's happening. I live at 6,000ft and camp at +/- 9,000ft.

I've ordered a Snow Peak stove, waiting for that to get here. Chose it based on the reviews, thanks, and I'm hoping to have better luck!

Ryan Bastien

Just got the Snowpeak and hooked it up to the same canister that I used with the Primus and it worked beautifully. Definitely the stove.

3 years ago