REI Half Dome 4



REI Half Dome 4 was a very easy, seemly sturdy set-up…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $210 for the tent on sale and $30 for the footprint


REI Half Dome 4 was a very easy, seemly sturdy set-up tent. But does have some flaws.


  • Easy setup
  • Relative light weight for 4-person
  • Color-coded poles and pole clips
  • 4 ventilation vents


  • Does not come with foot print
  • Guylines are not reflective
  • Most guylines are not attached to the fly

REI Half Dome 4 was a seemly sturdy, very easy set-up tent.  But does have some flaws.

My wife and I tried the REI Half Dome 4 for a three-night camping trip at Yosemite last week.  The tent was spacious for two persons and will be very tight for four adults (the floor space will accommodate 4 adult sleeping pads with no place to store anything and walking without stepping on someone else’s pad).  This is due to no fault of REI; rather seemed to be industry standard rating system.

The tent came with a nice carry bag but did not include the optional footprint. The tent weighs in at 7lb. 12 oz. and the fly weigh in at 14 oz.  REI claims the weight can be divide amount 4 people on a backpacking trip; I personally do not want to backpack with this relatively heavy tent, rather I have a Big Agnes Seedhouse 2 superlight weight tent for backpacking.  I bought the REI Half Dome 4 for car camping with a bit more space and comfort.

The tent was easy to set up, I particularly like the color-coded poles and pole clips that made the first time set-up much easier.  However, the assembly of “dual-hub architecture “ was a bit confusing from just reading the brief instructions printed on the storage bag.  It is very simple once you have done it one time.  My advice is for any newbie to watch the setting up video from YouTube prior go on the trip.

My trip to Yosemite was in July with over 100-degree daytime temperature and in the upper 70’s during the nights.  With the rain fly attached, by opening the 4 vents, we were comfortable and at one point actually needed a blanket.  Due to limited usage, I cannot speak about how water and wind proof of the tent.

One disappointment was due to the guylines were not reflective, we had tripped over the guylines many times during the nights.  Speaking of guylines, there were only two attached to the two vestibules; rest of the guylines was unattached to the fly. I would much prefer the guylines to be permanently attached as in my Big Agnes tent.

Overall, I rate the REI Half Dome 3.5 stars. It is a good tent for the value (especially if you can catch a sale), but it could be better.


In a free-standing dome tent, the guylines are often unattached - Many people don't use them at all unless they are expecting a major storm. In fact, it sounds like the flaws you mention are, like the floor space calculation, 'industry standard'.

3 years ago

REI is really great in that they provide lots of extra guylines and stakes, but attacvhing all of them isn't necessary in all but the absolute worst weather. My camp dome 4 is the perfect size of car camping with a spouse and I rarely use any of the guylines (I do stake down the corners.) I have been in extremely windy conditions and used two guylines, although I am not sure I even needed them. To use the, I think 6, that are provided seems like it would require a hurricane, but I appreciate that REI provides them since other makers will need a couple guylines and not provide any. And if not used, they aren't a trip hazard. I do add short, 6", guylines to the tabs on the rainfly at both ends of the tent. This improves ventillation and prevents the fly from sticking to the tent from dew.

3 years ago

Great tent! We purchased this tent last December and…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Design: three-season freestanding half dome
Sleeps: 4
Ease of Setup: hub-pole combo makes set-up a snap!
Weight: 8.3 lbs
Price Paid: $249

Great tent! We purchased this tent last December and have used it at least ten times this spring and summer. The interior is big enough for myself, my fiance, our two dogs, and gear. It is light enough and packs compactly enough that it can be used as a backpacking tent for shorter excursions (although we are considering a two man tent for longer trips).

Great in rainy weather as well - our last camping trip involved two days of steady rain and one major thunderstorm. We stayed snug and dry inside. Rainfly provides quite a bit of insulation as well has two vents that help with interior airflow. Great purchase!


AWESOME tent! Works perfectly for canoes and portage…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Sleeps: 4
Ease of Setup: One person can set this up in just a few minutes

AWESOME tent! Works perfectly for canoes and portage packs. Solid, watertight, yet breezy (without the rainfly)and oh so spacious! It works perfectly for the BWCA in Minnesota...especially when you don't want to play cards or board-games in a storm.

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