Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo


pot cup stowed
Weight 5.5 oz / 155g
Material Titanium
Capacity 28 fl oz 10 fl oz -
Dimensions 4 x 5.1 in 4.25 x 2 in 4.25 x 5.2 in



If you build drinkers will buy it...but…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50


If you build drinkers will buy it...but will they stick with it?


  • Simple
  • Size
  • Weight


  • Insulation

As I found myself doing more and more backpacking a few years ago...I quickly realized that my cookware was too bulky and heavy for my purposes on the trail. When backpacking over several days I enjoy big and fast miles more often than not...and this leaves very little energy for cooking complex meals. So when I was looking for new cookware I wanted something that could boil water and make coffee.

The Snowpeak Mini-Solo is a great kit if coffee or hot beverages is important to you...for a little extra weight and almost no additional space (pot nest in mug) the Mini-Solo cook-set can boil up enough water to rehydrate a meal and make that first 8oz cup of coffee for the day.


When backpacking big and fast miles I try to cut down on weight...and one of the ways I do that is by building fires to heat water and cook my food as often as possible...if the weather forecast reasonably clear weather I bring almost no fuel relying heavily on my skill to build a fire...or eat my meals cold. The Mini-Solo kit has stood up to more fires than I can count and I have never had a problem with the pot or mug warping or otherwise suffering in its performance due to exposure to high heat...if anything I really enjoyed watching the the colors change before becoming blackened by soot.

Speaking of soot (writing?)...a related issue I have with the Mini-Solo is insulation (the connection will become clear below)! While the Mini-Solo is all you need to boil water and have hot beverages...your beverages and food are not going to stay warm very long. So for this reason...I constructed a cozy made of reflective bubble-wrap for the pot (removed handles).

Why not the mug?...because the pot wrapped in bubble-wrap was unable to nest into the mug. I wanted to continue to use the bubble-wrap for insulation...since it allowed my food to continue cooking away from a direct heat source + made eating from the pot easier + kept soot from mucking everything up (told you I'd make the connection) ultimately I did away with the mug (I have it somewhere).

I could of course just used foil-bag cooking and used the pot as a HUGE coffe mug...and I might at some point. But for the moment...I still mainly cook in my pot (I find that food gets properly cooked more often that way) I purchased a chap 450 ml single walled mug by TOAKS that wrapped in the same reflective bubble-wrap nest neatly inside the 820 ml pot (removed handles on 450 ml mug too). With this set-up I have both a mug and a pot for boiling water...both are insulated...and everything (including stove and a small amount of fuel) nest neatly (also cleanly) inside the 820 ml pot.


In the end the 820 ml pot turned out to be just what I needed...but the mug is no longer a regular part of my fast and light backpacking kit. If having an insulated mug and pot were not as important to me as they are...the Mini-Solo would be absolutely perfect for my needs...but ultimatly I found the mug and pot combo unworkable without an ability to insulate both...and would probably purchase the 820 ml pot separately if I had it to do all over again.


Well built and light (5.5 oz) cook set that can be…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $60


Well built and light (5.5 oz) cook set that can be used for one or even two people. Works great for boiling water for dehydrated meals.


  • Very light and sturdy
  • Transfers heat well
  • Works for two MH meals


  • A little narrow for my MicroRocket stove

Opening the package the set comes with:

  • 28oz Main Pot (3oz, 85g)
  • 10oz Cup (1.7oz, 48g)
  • Stove Lid (0.7oz, 20g)
  • Mesh Stuff Sack (0.4oz, 11g)

Total Weight = 5.8oz, 164g

I use this set with just the pot with lid on solo trips to boil water for dehydrated meals and the whole set if someone else is coming along in case they want to make some tea in the cup. The pot holds can just hold 28oz with a bit of room to spare which is enough water to rehydrate two Mountain House meals. This is nice because then I don't have to boil water twice which takes time and fuel. 

The one thing bothers me though is that the pot only just stands on top of my MicroRocket stove. It rests right on the inside of the stoves legs (but is fairly stable with water in it). While I have not had this tip over on me because I have not used the pot extensively I suspect that it might one day if I get a strong wind.

It would be nice if the stove was wider at the base but the stove is so perfect in every other aspect that I will probably end up replacing my stove with a FireMaple FMS-300T Hornet which has a tighter support arrangement and would better support the pot.

Overall it is a perfect stove it you want the lightest possible pot for a mix of solo and duo outings and just need to rehydrate some meals of make tea.


Lightweight one- to two-person cooking set. Good for…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: 57 (can) dollars


Lightweight one- to two-person cooking set. Good for the weight conscious backpackers, mountaineers, and adventures who are looking for a cooking set for 1 or a freeze dried cooking set for 2.


  • Lightweight
  • Can put Snow Peak canister inside or canister + stove
  • Compact
  • Comes with stuff sack
  • Perfect pot size for freeze dried meals
  • Comes with measuring cup/ bowl


  • Small handles
  • Hard to grasp lid tab
  • Bowl is more of a measuring cup

The Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo "Cook Set" is a great piece of gear for the weight conscious adventurer for one or two people. It holds enough water for 2 freeze dried meals or cooking for one.

I have used this product multiple times in weather ranging minus 12 to 10 Celsius. I have used it to melt snow, boil water, make soup, and hot chocolate on an MSR PocketRocket and alcohol stove. It has worked well to cook a Mountain House meal for me and a friend in our winter backpacking expedition. Overall it is a good cook set for any type of small meals.

The few problems I have with this cook set are minor but keep it from being an amazing cook set for its intended purpose. For starters, the pot lid is almost impossible to remove with gloves on, which can make it difficult in colder rejoins or when mountaineering. The handles don't lock also. So if they are in the closed position it can be hard to grab the pot while it's on the stove without burning yourself. When it closed the flame also directly touches it heating it up very much. The last gimp I have with this cook set is that the "bowl" doesn't function very well as a bowl. However the cup is a great cup for hot chocolate and I have used it many times in this role.

Now for the positives. The stove is perfect for two freeze dried meals and or 1 person cooking. The titanium is very thin and light and the measuring cup is the most useful thing when melting snow and is practically weightless. It is so light it can be carried on all trips and I can fit my stove in its case with a spice missile (this usually doesn't come along), lighter, candle, and eating utensil in the pot with a Light My Fire Spork on the outside when it in its stuff sack.


Here is the pot on a msr pocket rocket stove 


Here is the cook set in its stuff sack with a jetboil canister beside it

The metal cools very quickly and the thinness of it allows water to boil very fast. It has all the good features of a pot also and the benefits far outweight the negatives. I recommend every adventurer buy this cook set if they don't have a huge family. I would like to add that all stuff said in the positive reviews on this site also are true.

Apart from being a tad expensive this pot is, I believe, the one spot shop for outdoors lightweight cooking and hey, you get what you pay for.  

PS: Did I mention how how light it is!


Excellent set for solo adventuring. The pot has enough…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $36

Excellent set for solo adventuring. The pot has enough room to store a SnowPeak brand fuel cannister plus my Brunton Talon stove. As with all Ti, the walls are thin and it can be bent easily, so care is necessary when packing it in your pack. The 27oz water capacity of the pot is great for boiling enough water for a meal for one person plus a couple cups of coffee. The small triangle for lifting the lid requires that you make sure to put it up before you boil, as it will burn you to try and lift it after the water comes to a boil (or use the pliers of your multi tool).

I did not find that the handles on the pot conduct heat, although someone with small hands may have a problem with coming into contact with the side of the pot when lifting from stove. The pot allows water to come to a boil pretty quick.

The coffee cup is one of my favorite parts of this set. The cup is a bit small for me (I like a lot of coffee), but the way it hugs the bottom of the pot is great. The handles are once again small for big handed folks. The Ti does not conduct heat well, so the rim of the cup stays cool enough to drink from.

I got this set on clearance, so it will likely cost you more. Snow Peak makes an aluminum version of this set, but I find aluminum conducts heat too well. That's okay for the pot, not good for the coffee cup.

In short, this set is a great set for one person, or it will boil enough water for two people on a summer trip (when hot drinks are not wanted).


Bought it in a REI garage sale for half price off.

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $30


Bought it in a REI garage sale for half price off. I have a Jetboil Sol cook set but use Snow Peak for additional container. Works great for noodles and rice. Fit for someone who loves outdoor but dislike eating instant noodles all the time.


  • Size
  • Weight


  • Doesn't seal well
  • Gets dirty once cooked with

Bought it in a REI garage sale for half price off. I have a Jetboil Sol cook set but use Snow Peak for additional container. Works great for noodles and rice. Storage is nice for 2x 100gm gas tank.

I use it for noodles or fragile food ingredient just for the sake of sustaining the outdoor eating experience. Fit for someone who loves outdoor but dislike eating instant noodles all the time. 


This is by far the greatest solo set I have come across.

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $59

This is by far the greatest solo set I have come across. Light, durable, compact, fits on my Optimus Nova. Perfect for one, way to small to cook for two, unless you don't mind wasting fuel and waiting. I can hold a salt and pepper shaker, sponge, cheese grater, jay cloth and my Optimus folding titanium spork inside the pot.

I also love the fact that titanium does not hold heat; after boiling a pot of water you can dump it and the pot is cool to the touch.


Great product! Used recently during a 3 day hike on…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $39

Great product! Used recently during a 3 day hike on Mt. Whitney. Items were light and small for easy packing. Heated enough water for a two serving dry food pack and a good cup of coffee. One thing to note! the small triangle handle in the lid can be tricky to grab with big hands. and the handles in the side always heated up during the cooking so watch out! Ouch the 1st time.

Overall, I would recommend this cookset to anyone looking to a light and small cookset for their backpacking adventures.