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Top-Rated Splitboard Gear

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Bolle B-Free
Bolle B-Free Snowsport Helmet
Smith Daredevil Goggles
Smith Daredevil Goggles Goggle
Salomon Jib Jr. Helmet
Salomon Jib Jr. Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Gordini Starting Gate II
Gordini Starting Gate II Goggle
Bern Nia Zipmold
Bern Nia Zipmold Snowsport Helmet
Marker Kojo Helmet
Marker Kojo Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Smith Sidekick Goggle
Smith Sidekick Goggle Goggle
$14 - $23
Marker 4:3 Goggle
Marker 4:3 Goggle Goggle
Bolle B-Kid
Bolle B-Kid Snowsport Helmet
$39 - $79
Lucky Bums Winter Sports Standard Helmet
Lucky Bums Winter Sports Standard Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Bern Bandito
Bern Bandito Snowsport Helmet
Smith Grom Goggles
Smith Grom Goggles Goggle
$45 - $64
Bern Bandita
Bern Bandita Snowsport Helmet
$52 - $54
Smith Maze Junior Helmet
Smith Maze Junior Helmet Snowsport Helmet
$70 - $99
POC ito Iris Goggles
POC ito Iris Goggles Goggle
Giro Chico
Giro Chico Goggle
$20 - $25
Bolle Boost OTG
Bolle Boost OTG Goggle
Giro Rove Helmet
Giro Rove Helmet Snowsport Helmet
K2 Entity Helmet
K2 Entity Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Bern Diabla
Bern Diabla Snowsport Helmet
Salomon Kiana Helmet
Salomon Kiana Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Bolle Volt
Bolle Volt Goggle
Giro Slingshot
Giro Slingshot Snowsport Helmet
$39 - $41
Smith Holt Junior
Smith Holt Junior Snowsport Helmet
VonZipper Fishbowl Goggle
user rating: 3.5 of 5 (1)
VonZipper Fishbowl Goggle Goggle
$130 MSRP
Prior AMF Splitboard
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
Prior AMF Splitboard Splitboard
Giro Nine .10 Helmet
Giro Nine .10 Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Dynafit Stoke Speedskin
Dynafit Stoke Speedskin Climbing Skin
Salomon Poison Helmet
Salomon Poison Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Giro Omen
Giro Omen Snowsport Helmet
$200 MSRP
Pro-tec Riot Lite
Pro-tec Riot Lite Snowsport Helmet
Oakley Twisted Snow
Oakley Twisted Snow Goggle
Smith Fuel v.2 Sweat X
Smith Fuel v.2 Sweat X Goggle
Oakley L Frame
Oakley L Frame Goggle
$50 MSRP
Salomon Aura 08 C. Air Snow Helmet
Salomon Aura 08 C. Air Snow Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Dragon Mace
Dragon Mace Goggle
$130 MSRP
Scott Sanction Plus
Scott Sanction Plus Goggle
Prior Backcountry Splitboard
Prior Backcountry Splitboard Splitboard
Pro-tec Vigilante Helmet
Pro-tec Vigilante Helmet Snowsport Helmet
POC Receptor Plus Helmet Snowsport Helmet
K2 obSETHed Skin
K2 obSETHed Skin Climbing Skin
$200 MSRP
Airblaster Terry Goggle
Airblaster Terry Goggle Goggle
Salomon Creative Line Custom Air Helmet
Salomon Creative Line Custom Air Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Madshus Intelligrip Skin Climbing Skin
Venture Snowboards Zephyr Split
Venture Snowboards Zephyr Split Splitboard
Giro Chapter 2
Giro Chapter 2 Snowsport Helmet
Giro Sestrier Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Scott Reply
Scott Reply Goggle
Electric EG.5
Electric EG.5 Goggle
Oakley Polarized Splice Snow
Oakley Polarized Splice Snow Goggle
$200 MSRP
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