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Recent Splitboarding Product Reviews

POC Lobes

rated 4.5 of 5 stars These are the best goggles. They don't fog up easily. The lens is easily removable. The frameless design has inspired a lot of copy cats. The peripheral vision on them is HUGE. They are very durable. I had a pair with a defective lens and POC sent me a new lens for free. Great customer service. Very unique, most people don't have these and they look awesome!! I used to be an Oakley snob. I owned five pairs of Crowbars. But I just like these so much better. The optics seem on-par, but these offer… Full review

Bern Baker

rated 4 of 5 stars The Original Bern Visor Lid. Baker Hard hat used for all seasons mainly safety gear used for skiing and snowboarding. Designed for non-motorized action sports. Comes in many colors with visor. HAPPY TRAILS...It gets slippery out on those trails so use protection and wear a helmet! The shell or outer layer of the helmet, is a rigid surface and protects the head from sharp objects, knocks and abrasions. Works well with any goggles, the plastic handle lifts up and keeps the elastic on your goggles… Full review

Spark R&D Sabertooth

rated 1 of 5 stars Light, EZ to install, good grip on ice. Nice crampon, but the pin sucks. Duct tape would have worked just as good. I sent a message to Spark R&D about the problem, they said they have fixed the problem and they would send me a new set. The new set had the same pin, no changes, except they were black not red. Full review

POC Receptor Bug Adjustable Helmet

rated 3 of 5 stars Keeps your head safe, but seems to lack a few pieces that could make it better. Overall it's a solid helmet that does what it's designed to do, that being keep me safe. However it seems to lack the extras which could be expected from a helmet in its normal price range. The ear flaps don't sit snug on my ears and in order to get them even close I have to have the chin strap uncomfortably tight, this makes it so even on the warmest days I still have to wear a buff over my ears. That's the main drawback… Full review

Bern Muse

rated 5 of 5 stars Works very well from early season to late season. Everything I want in a helmet. Fits me great, even though I'm a boy :) Full review

Spark R&D Blaze

rated 5 of 5 stars Awesome binding. No compromise, as good as a normal snowboard binding. These things are like night and day coming from the Voile Universal Sliders.  They put you right down on the deck where you should be. They ride like a snowboard binding, are super light and are a responsive comfortable binding.   The ratchets are Burton ratchets and are great quality.   I have had no issues with the bindings icing up or packing with snow in touring mode. Adjustable highbacks allow a huge amount of adjustment,… Full review

K2 Panoramic Splitboard Kit

rated 4 of 5 stars Board is awesome, Voile universal interface leaves a little to be desired. I love this thing, it's my first split. I have put about a dozen days on it so far and it's holding up great. The full rockered tip and tail are a blessing in deep powder, and the board actually performs pretty well on hardpack as well.  The only condition I have noticed it being less than ideal in is heavy wet snow. The flexy tip and tail have a hard time pushing around the heavy stuff without excessive flex, making it… Full review

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Skin

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Reliable, dependable, and well constructed skins that climb exceptionally well. I highly recommend them to anyone who backcountry skis. Black Diamond Ascension STS skins are a staple up here in Northern New Hampshire. The tip and tail attachments are universal and will fit securely to any type of ski. Over the years I have used my set I have never worried about the skins detaching from the skis. The glue holds up well against the variable conditions I see which includes not only different snow conditions… Full review

Salomon Ranger Custom Air BT Helmet

rated 5 of 5 stars The Salomon Ranger Custom Air BT helmet is the best helmet I have used as yet. The features of the bluetooth are excellent and the sound is great. When you are on the slopes and one of your buddies calls you on the phone you can take the call with a press of a button without stoping etc, great feature. Music playing is a great feature from bluetooth tec skip trac ect from Skullcandy. But if you break the product, as I have, you can't seem to get spare parts from Salomon. This is not good ????? Full review

Top-Rated Splitboard Gear

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Black Diamond Standard Adjustable Tip Loop Cables Climbing Skin
$9 - $14
Black Diamond Free Glide Climbing Skin
$10 - $12
Black Diamond Cheat Sheets Climbing Skin
$11 - $19
Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive Climbing Skin
$11 - $49
Giro Goggle Case Goggle
G3 Double Bar Tip Loops Climbing Skin
Gordini Starting Gate II Goggle
G3 Skin Savers Climbing Skin
G3 Twin Tip Connectors Climbing Skin
$15 - $24
Smith Cascade Classic Goggle
$16 - $34
Smith Sidekick Goggle Goggle
$16 - $17
G3 Expedition Skin Climbing Skin
$17 - $104
Black Diamond Adjustable Tip Loops for Split Skins Climbing Skin
$18 - $29
G3 Tip & Tail Connector Kit Climbing Skin
$18 - $22
Giro Rev Goggle
$18 - $30
Gordini Crest Goggle
Smith Gambler Goggle
$21 - $30
Giro Grade Goggle
$21 - $25
Bolle Mojo Goggle
$22 MSRP
Bolle Monarch Goggle
Bolle Amp Goggle
$24 MSRP
Bolle Boost OTG Goggle
$24 MSRP
Bolle Volt Goggle
$24 MSRP
Smith Scope Goggle
$24 - $64
Smith Transit Goggle
$24 - $64
Bolle Nebula Goggle
Giro Chico Goggle
Smith Challenger OTG Goggle
$25 MSRP
Dragon Lil D Goggle
Voile Splitboard Dual Height Climbing Heel Splitboard Kit
$27 - $36
Dragon DX Goggle
$27 - $84
Shred Ready Forty4 Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Voile Split Hooks
$29 - $35
G3 Love Glove Climbing Skin
Pro-tec Riot Helmet Snowsport Helmet
$30 - $111
Oakley E Frame Goggle
$30 MSRP
Smith Transit Pro Goggle
$32 - $64
Skins Voilé Splitboard Skins Tail Clip Kit Climbing Skin
user rating: 4 of 5 (1)
Pro-tec Classic Snow Helmet Snowsport Helmet
$32 - $82
Smith Knowledge OTG Goggle
$32 - $54
Smith Daredevil Goggles Goggle
$33 - $65
Anon Tracker Goggle
Bern Bandita Snowsport Helmet
$35 - $37
VonZipper Trike Goggle
$35 MSRP
Bolle X9 Goggle
Scott JR OTG Goggle Goggle
Giro Battle Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Shred Ready Eleven Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Bern Bandito Snowsport Helmet
$38 - $54
Gordini Sure Shot 2 Goggle
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