Stephenson's Warmlite Warmlite Triple Bag



We go backpacking for three week stretches every summer.

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: inherited from my parents


We go backpacking for three week stretches every summer. I remember when my parents bought their custom made zip together bags, and slipping in the bag from time to time WAS PURE BLISS.

I have now inherited their 30-year-old bags and me and my wife ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM.

Vapor barrier technology was something new in the '70s and I never liked the clammy feeling of VPB shirts, but in the sleeping bag it is great.


  • ABSOLUTELY the best built bag
  • Roomy comfortable
  • The down filled mattress

This is the best sleeping bag EVER built. I have had Marmot, Sierra Designs and (when I was a poor college student) Slumberjack—none of these hold a candle to Stephenson's sleeping bags.

We go back country for three weeks every summer and my parents bought these custom made zip together bags for $1,000 way back in the '70s.  I used to sneak into them from time to time to EXPERIENCE PURE BLISS. Now my wife and I use them. We are both heavy and they are very roomy and we never have sore hips from sleeping on our sides.


This is by far the best bag made anywhere. I have…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $680

This is by far the best bag made anywhere. I have used this bag in temperatures down to -4 F. and was still so warm that I only zipped it up half way while totally naked in the bag. I can't imagine how cold a temperature this can keep down to, amazing.

Also, it is so roomy with a nice square toe and not the typical mummy toe, that you are very comfortable and after a day of hard hiking, the feet aren't cramped.

The down filled air mattress allows one to sleep on the most lumby ground, I once slept over a moss covered river bed, with total comfort.

The only disadvantage is the long length of time required to fill the mattress. If you are tired at the end of a long day and have to spend an hour inflating it is almost prohibitive. I have found it easier to carry an extra pound of weight and get a foot pump. I made a 2 hose adapter from clear pvc house I got at Home Depot for the pump and can now inflate it in about 1-2 minutes. It is worth the one pound of weight and the small amount of room out of the pack.

Finally the weight of the bag with the pump is still far less than the -30 F. bag I had from Slumberjack. It is still over a pound lighter.


This is not just a sleeping bag. It is a complete,…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Design: semi-rectangular
Fill: highest quality down 820-890
Temperature Rating: 60 to -60 f.
Price Paid: $810

This is not just a sleeping bag. It is a complete, all-conditions sleep system.

Having looked and looked for a huge down bag to keep me warm and let me sleep on my side, roll around, etc., I finally gave in and ordered the custom-made 76" girth from Stephenson's. I had tested bags up to 66", the next largest from any decent manufacturer (i.e., Western Mountaineering). Still too tight for my liking.

The Stephenson's bag is amazing. Absolutely huge, I can snuggle down into it, and turn completely around inside. Fit and finish seem excellent, and with two tops and the DAM, the bag is capable of serving for all seasons, in the most extreme conditions. The vapor barrier liner assures that the down never gets damaged by sweat, and as a heavy perspirer, that is a good thing for me.

In the summer, I almost completely detach the thin top and use it as a blanket. The zippers, while very small, glide easily and never snag. The only down-side is that when you go to put a top onto the bottom, getting the zippers started can be difficult.

The DAM is super-thick, at least 4", and the most comfortable pad I have ever used. Because of its massive size, it does take awhile to inflate using the stuff sack as a bellows. However, the plug that connects the sack to the pad snaps in place pretty firmly, and stays connected while inflating. The company does not give a fixed rating for the down fill; rather, they buy the very best available. It is 820-890. Having owned many down bags, I can attest that the Stephenson's is filed with the best, lightest down.

I have not weighed the bag, in part because I don't want to know how much I am hauling around. However, I do know that this is the lightest a bag of this size could be; plus, you only need to carry the layers you need. There is no insulation on the bottom of the bag; the DAM slips into its own zippered pocket. No rolling off your pad at night! Plus, one purchase gives you a bag for all seasons, and a super-comfy DAM pad for all seasons. Considering that I would have had to buy three top-quality bags and a DAM to get the flexibility of the Stephenson's, the price is not out of line.

Stephenson's Warmlite Warmlite Triple Bag

reviewers paid:
$680.00 - $810.00

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