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Praetorian Hoodie

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This hoodie is incredibly warm and well built. It comes at a hefty price tag, but I feel it is well worth the price. This is a really great piece of clothing. 100% merino wool is extremely warm. I received it for Xmas, and have worn it as much as I can without looking like I never change my clothes, although even after five days of wearing, I don't notice any stink, I just feel like I need to wash it.  I find that even during a high wind, it blocks it out. When you start moving and generating some… Full review

FAST Pack Litespeed

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A slimmed down, lighter weight version of Triple Aught Designs Fast Pack series of backpacks, while still maintaining all the great features of its larger sibling. I sold my TAD Fast Pack EDC a few months ago and replaced it with a Foliage version of the Litespeed.  I've been very happy since. There was nothing wrong with the EDC, but I didn't need that much space.The Litespeed offered the perfect capacity for my day hikes while reducing the weight substantially. As with all the TAD backpacks,… Full review

Stealth Hoodie LT

rated 3.5 of 5 stars This is good jacket for basic outdoor excursions. But it is lacking specific details that would make it a great top layer jacket. Hello,  I have had my TAD Stealth Hoodie LT for about 3 months now. To give you a background on who I am and what I do, I figured I would share that I work in Afghanistan and we HEAVILY rely on our gear to get us through each day. The jacket itself is windproof and waterproof. It does breathe extremely well. I haven't found myself sweating in it at all so far. I am 6'2"… Full review

Stealth Hoodie LT

rated 2 of 5 stars Great quality but raised price is :( While everyone here seems to have paid $300 for the Stealth LT, the company has raised prices to $475. I paid over $500 for mine after taxes. That is ridiculous. It's a quality jacket, but after wearing it, I now have buyer's remorse and I will return it to the SF store. Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Best backpack I've ever bought. I thought that maybe I gave into the hype when I bought this bag. This company, Triple Aught Design, has a big following in the circles I move in. They are renowned for their bag design and overall quality and functionality in their products.  Once I received the bag though, I realized that the hype is true.  It's just simple well made and very well designed.  This is not a bag you buy if you're going ultralight backpacking. This is a bag you buy if you want something… Full review

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