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Recent Telemark Product Reviews

Scott Voodoo

rated 2 of 5 stars Great looking boot, but the toe buckle went on day 2 after purchasing. Great looking boot, and it seemed that the stiffness is a great advantage, but I blew the toe buckle wires off in the first two days on the hill. Had to improvise with bent lengths of coat hanger. It seems that the buckle is not built for the strain put on the bellow area. The wires off of both feet were sacrifices to Ullr. Full review

G3 Targa

rated 3 of 5 stars Not the binding you want if you are an aggressive telemarker. Was a good binding to learn on, if only because it was hard to ski! This was my first telemark binding, and I used it for about half a season, probably 50 days. It was used at the time I bought it. I was impressed that they held up, given that I had heard a lot of horror stories of these breaking.  First off, let's start with the pros: These are super light, super easy to mount and switch out parts as necessary, and they work.  The… Full review

TwentyTwo Designs Axl

rated 5 of 5 stars Absolute best binding for touring and performance. Easy switching between modes and resistance levels. Sturdy. This is the perfect backcountry binding for the true telemarker.  First off, we have to start with the performance. The free release touring mode makes going up a cinch because you have zero resistance on your heel. It's very easy to switch between modes, you just use your pole and the ski can stay on. Once in ski mode, it skis like an aggressive alpine Tele binding. It is not quite as… Full review

Black Diamond Compactor Poles

rated 5 of 5 stars Love the trekking poles. I use to hike a lot, but with aging my pace has really slowed down. These poles are so much better than using a cane for any walking you do. Because of the perfect balance they create you can move easily wherever you use them. However, I have lost my manual and I need advice about how to put on the powder baskets. Help??? Full review

Armada JJ

rated 4 of 5 stars Bottom Line: The Armada JJ is a really fun ski. It floats well at 115 underfoot, but with such early taper and rocker it has a really surfy feeling. It really can handle anything you toss at it. I highly recommend this ski to ANYONE who is looking at getting into rocker, who rides powder/crud at least 70% of the time, or who wants a sick backcountry jib ski! Pros: "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." Seriously, they are probably the best 1 ski quiver ski that I have ever handled… Full review

Armada Magic J

rated 5 of 5 stars This is hands down one of the best big mountain powder slayers on the market. It is extremely versatile given its width, and Armada nailed the flex profile in the 190cm length. For years I was begging Armada to make a super JJ (fatter, longer, stiffer, modified rocker, etc.)...They finally came out with the AK JJ, but it was just longer and only slightly stiffer. I was bummed... until they released the Magic J.... and it was everything I ever wanted and more! I always felt that the regular Armada… Full review

Salomon Rocker2 108

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Awesome lightweight, extremely versatile, stiff touring ski that you can use all day inbounds. These are an awesome touring ski for someone that is looking for a ski that can charge inbouds as well as out of bounds. I use this ski about 40% of the time as an inbounds crud crusher, and 60% of the time as a backcountry powder ski.  Extremely stable at speed, stomp landings hard and easily, but extremely versatile. I used to spend about 90% of my days on the Armada JJ, which has to be one of the most… Full review

Atomic Blog

rated 2.5 of 5 stars I was using these as my touring ski for a while. They would have been cool 6 years ago, but now they are just kind of... lame. I was using these as my touring ski for a while. They would have been cool 6 years ago, but now they are just kind of... lame.  Don't get me wrong.. they are very easy to ski. If this is going to be your first powder ski, you will probably love them. If you weigh under 150 lbs you will probably love them. If you don't ski very fast, you will probably love them. If you will… Full review

Rossignol SOUL 7

rated 5 of 5 stars Does nearly everything brilliantly. There was a time when I took three pairs of skis with me to the mountains: piste, powder, and touring skis. Each was ideal for their niches, and I really couldn't imagine a day when one ski could do all three. Although I have tested far from every type of ski, the Soul 7 just nails it for me. A terrific carving ski, even/especially on boilerplate pistes, just a dream in powder, crud, breakable crust, and good for touring. If it fails to fit the 'one size fits… Full review

Top-Rated Telemark Gear

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Voile Universal Runaway Strap Telemark Accessory
Black Diamond Standard Adjustable Tip Loop Cables Climbing Skin
$5 - $12
TwentyTwo Designs Hammerhead Anti-Ice Tape Telemark Accessory
Voile Climbing Wires Telemark Accessory
$7 - $8
Voile Sidethrow Heel & Spring Unit Telemark Accessory
Voile Anti-Ice Tape Telemark Accessory
Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive Climbing Skin
$11 - $49
TwentyTwo Designs HammerHead Telemark Binding
Black Diamond ClipWire Ski Leash Telemark Accessory
$12 - $14
G3 Enzo R Telemark Binding
Black Diamond Free Glide Climbing Skin
G3 Metal Ski Leash Telemark Accessory
K2 Style Alpine Touring/Telemark Pole
Black Diamond 01/02/03 Climbing Wire Telemark Accessory
$15 MSRP
TwentyTwo Designs Coil Leash Telemark Accessory
TwentyTwo Designs Tail Leash Telemark Accessory
G3 Expedition Skin Climbing Skin
Black Diamond 02 Backcountry Kit Telemark Accessory
Black Diamond Adjustable Tip Loops for Split Skins Climbing Skin
$18 - $29
G3 Climbing Wires Telemark Accessory
Black Diamond 02 Spare Front Cables Telemark Accessory
$20 MSRP
Black Diamond 03 Spare Front Cables Telemark Accessory
$20 MSRP
G3 Twin Tip Connectors Climbing Skin
$20 - $24
Voile Hardwire Telemark Binding Rods Telemark Accessory
$20 MSRP
G3 Targa Binding Wedge Telemark Accessory
$20 MSRP
G3 Plastic Leash Telemark Accessory
$21 MSRP
Skins Voilé Splitboard Skins Tail Clip Kit Climbing Skin
TwentyTwo Designs Stiffy Spring Kit Telemark Accessory
$24 - $27
Voile V-Riser Telemark Accessory
$24 MSRP
K2 Automatic Alpine Touring/Telemark Pole
Black Diamond 01/02/03 Cartridges Telemark Accessory
$26 - $74
Voile Switchback Backcountry Kit Telemark Binding
Shred Ready Forty4 Helmet Snowsport Helmet
G3 Climbing Heels Telemark Accessory
$29 MSRP
G3 Universal Binding Shim Telemark Accessory
$29 MSRP
Bern Berkeley Snowsport Helmet
$29 - $69
Salomon Guardian 16 Replacement Brakes Telemark Binding
Garmont 7TM Brake Telemark Accessory
Armada Motive Ski Pole Alpine Touring/Telemark Pole
Scarpa NTN Freedom Ski Brake Telemark Accessory
$30 - $39
Giro Vault Helmet Snowsport Helmet
Black Diamond Tele Crampon Telemark Accessory
Rottefella NTN Freedom Ski Brake Telemark Accessory
Rottefella NTN Brake Telemark Accessory
$30 - $39
G3 Enzo Front Cables Telemark Accessory
G3 TourThrow Telemark Accessory
$30 MSRP
Voile Switchback X2 Backcountry Kit Telemark Binding
$31 MSRP
Voile All-Mountain Telemark Binding Cartridges Telemark Accessory
Voile Knee Pads
$32 MSRP
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