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Micro Candle Lantern

rated 2.5 of 5 stars I didn't expect much, but this lantern still disappointed me. I own an UCO led lantern and think it is an excellent product. I own an UCO Original candle lantern and it is a pretty good piece of kit. So with this tiny lantern we have an unreliable slide mechanism, cheap materials, and minimal light output. UCO, what were you thinking? I got nothin' here. Full review

Original Candle Lantern

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Nice ambiance, but a headlamp outshines it without the fire risk. I've had one since 1997. Used it a few times on backpack trips. Gives OK light output, but not focused, and not super bright. It's only one candle after all. I stopped using it once the ultra-small headlamps came out. Why use a candle when you can have focused, brighter light and an extra set of batteries takes up less space and weight? Plus, I was always a little nervous with a flame inside a nylon tent. Full review

Original Candle Lantern

rated 5 of 5 stars My most reliable light. I've used my original UCO for 20 years and it just keeps on going. I picked up another one this past summer at REI's garage sale so my girls have one to use too. With the several years of camp fire bans here in CO having that little flicker of light tricks the mind so I at least get a glimmer of the campfire feel. When backpacking, this has been my go-to light for 20 years. It never fails, never runs out of batteries, and the candle burn time lasts for several nights. For… Full review

Original Candle Lantern

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This is a brilliant piece of gear. I love the fact it doesn't need batteries. I found this while camping with a friend. He has one and we used it for a makeshift campfire to sit around since there was a burn ban. It worked great as we sat around it and visited.  I had to get one for myself. I use the citronella candles in it to help cut down bugs in my camp. I use it to light my tent with the hook, there's no danger of fire because the flame is contained in the glass globe. I recommend this candle… Full review

Citronella Candles

rated 5 of 5 stars Effective power in a small package! Mini and Micro Candle Lanterns offer 3-4 hours of burn time per candle. Citronella oil is mixed into the paraffin and the scent is released as the candle burns creating a natural insect repellent. This 6-pack of Citronella tealight candles will provide you with approximately 18-24 hours of light. Very effective in keeping insects away from sight for many hours. Full review

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UCO is a brand of Industrial Revolution, which also owns Light My FireDajo, Pedco and Play & Freeze.

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