Adventure Technology Geronimo Fiberglass Whitewater

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You don't want to be missing strokes when you're popping in and out of holes and shooting down eddylines, so the Geronimo Straight Shaft Glass Paddle from AT Paddles is designed to provide maximum power and control in shallow water, where rocks might prevent you from getting full purchase on every stroke. With a fiberglass Duraweave blade and carbon-blend shaft, the Geronimo is lighter and stiffer than nylon paddles, and it sports reinforced tips to prevent damage. Unique to AT Paddles' Advanced Series is the shaft's ability to resist catastrophic failure after major impact, meaning you'll be able to get the bottom of a rapid without the paddle breaking on a big hit.


AT Geronimo Fiberglass Whitewater Kayak Paddle - Featuring their largest Advanced Series blade, the Geronimo Fiberglass Kayak Paddle from AT is ideal for those who need the most power from each stroke and maximum control in any condition on the river. Fiberglass blades, with reinforced tips for superior abrasion resistance, offer a lighter, stiffer and more durable alternative to injection molded nylon. Perfectly integrated with a durable carbon blend shaft, the bladesâ?? vibrant color grabs attention but more importantly, provides improved visibility on the water. The patented ergonomic carbon bent shaft with contoured indexing gives you unparalleled feather and grip control. The powerful hydrodynamic blade shapes are designed for smooth transitions while the Full Control hand grips help maintain a natural anatomical position during the stroke. This 3-dimensional alignment of the wrist relieves major stress on tendons and ligaments. The AT Geronimo Fiberglass Kayak Paddle is ideal for shallow creeks where rocks may prevent full purchase or in any condition where every stroke is critical.

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