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45-degree Micro Lite Mesa Rec Bag

rated 4.5 of 5 stars An inexpensive hybrid design sleeping bag that works great in warm weather. Would be a perfect lightweight option for emergency equipment in a vehicle as well as being a decent bag for summer backpacking. Being a budget backpacker, I realized that one major way I could cut weight off my base load was to find a lighter sleeping bag that would keep me comfortable. I am also a stomach sleeper (one leg bent), so a skinny bag (mummy) wasn't going to cut it for me. In reality, almost anything was going… Full review

Gator V Sandals

rated 0.5 of 5 stars I've purchased two pairs of these sandals and both fell apart in under three months. Never again! Cheapest on the planet! What ever happened to quality control in this country? I also will never shop at Sports Authority because they don't stand behind the crappy crap they sell. Full review

Ghille V

rated 2 of 5 stars I liked the shoes very much, but the soles split on the bottom. Both my earlier pairs lasted 2 years and still looked new when the sole failed. I'm on my 3rd pair. I love the shoes except the sole has about a two-year lifespan before one of the shoe soles will get a horizontal crack where it binds.This pair will be my last if their lifespan is so short. They are usually just worn on weekends and vacations. The first two both had their blowout at bad times on vacation. It's a shame that the sole… Full review

Hiker Biker

rated 4 of 5 stars Alpine Design Hiker/Biker great on a budget!! The Alpine Design Hiker/Biker and Hiker/Biker II is a solid, economical tent for the outdoors person on a budget. The Hiker/Biker Original is roomier with enough space for two people and some vestibule room for wet pack or boots. While the similar yet smaller Hiker/Biker II is truly a soloist shelter for those campers 6 feet and under. Both have a full rain fly which is great for inclement weather. Highly recommend seam sealing the tent and spraying… Full review

RN 44741

rated 5 of 5 stars This jacket is great with wind, water, and cold weather. Looks great to the eye and fits right on your body. When I first saw the price on this jacket I thought to myself "this must be a super thick-heavy jacket," but it is not. It is well insulated, water resistant, and the hood comes all the way to the front of your forehead to cover you from gusty winds and snow coming onto your face. The jacket has all the pockets you may need without being overwhelmed at all. I have the lemon green color and… Full review

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Most recently, the name "Alpine Design" has been used by The Sports Authority for its house-brand camping gear. Sports Authority Alpine Design tents are manufactured by NorthPole USA. Other Alpine Design products made be made by other companies.

Originally, Alpine Design of Boulder, Colo., was named Alp Sport, which was founded by George Lamb in the 1960s. Lamb sold Alpine Design to General Recreation, Inc. of Ithaca, N.Y., took a break, then created his final outdoor company, Camp 7. Lamb was known for his innovative sleeping bag designs.


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