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Asolo Sasslong GV

rated 5 of 5 stars These are fantastic boots! I see everyone is complaining that these are stiff. Guess what? They're supposed to be. These are BACKPACKING boots, which means they are for carrying the additional weight of a backpack!!! These aren't "light-weight hikers," not even regular hikers. Also, it was mentioned that these don't have insulation. That's because some people hike in summer! These aren't suppose to have insulation. Fit was great.  These are extremely comfortable, but stiff. They are supposed be… Full review

Herman Men's Survivor

rated 3 of 5 stars I've bought this brand because they're comfortable, but every time either the soles split, fall off, or the materials or threads tear, or dry rot within a months time. This sucks considering I work hard for my money and have two little ones, so I can't afford this $#!@ buying new boots every month. Wish I could get my money back. Besides being comfortable and looking nice this brand is junk looks can be defending the work boots and hunting boots look tough and rugged but they're the complete opposite. Full review

Asolo Men's TPS 535

rated 5 of 5 stars Brilliant boots. Easy to break in. Superb soles. Quality leather. Best ankle support ever. Got a pair of these in 2005 as I was preparing for a trip to Nepal and Tibet. I was wary of using my very heavy Mendel Super Cracks. The salesman in the outdoor shop in Killarney told me, "These boots don't need wearing in. Just put them on, walk around the shopping centre and come back to me. I'll bet you'll want them!" — a typical 'soft-sell' from a Kerryman! But he was right! A month or so later I was… Full review

Scarpa Men's SL M3

rated 5 of 5 stars I am a land surveyor in SW New Mexico and make a living on my feet. I own Scarpa, Lowa, La Sportiva, and a couple others not worth mentioning. I love my Scarpas the most and wouldn't give them up for anything. I wear my boots daily, even on the rare dinner date with my wife. Rain or shine, heat or cold, dry or wet, Scarpa continues to impress me. The Sl M3 Pros were my first pair of Scarpas. I am a land surveyor in SW New Mexico and literally make a living on my feet. Don't get me wrong, I love… Full review

Herman Men's Survivor

rated 1 of 5 stars DO NOT, DO NOT con yourself into buying Herman Survivors steel toe work boots. The limited warranty is only 90 days and the boots just make it past warranty to scam you. I was very skeptical purchasing this steel-toe boot. But, I conned myself into it. I liked the tough-looking thick soles, so like a sucker I bought them. However, just 115 days down the road and after working in them, I noticed the leather already appeared somewhat deteriorated. I looked very closely at the boots and noticed how… Full review

Esatto Men's Classic Hiker

rated 5 of 5 stars They fit your feet and are well constructed. There is no slop so you don't build up callouses anywhere on your feet and the shoes/boots last forever. Money well spent. I have been whitewater rafting for over twenty years and for as equally long been searching for a good river sandal. From the commercial industry there is no such thing available. I have tried them all. Problems range from being too slippery and filling with sand the moment you step on shore; to the straps going completely slack the… Full review

Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX

rated 5 of 5 stars Ultimate heavy-duty backpacking boot — long distance, heavy loads — incredible support, comfort, and durability. I bought these to replace my worn-out Scarpa Barun GTXs (got several years out of them). I may have the fortune to find that the Scarpa foot-last fits my foot perfectly. These boots fit true to size. What can I say? Incredible comfort, support, and performance. These are well-made, well designed, heavy-duty backpacking boots. Designed for multi-day, long distance hiking/backpacking… Full review

Herman Men's Survivor

rated 1 of 5 stars Brand new, one day at work, got home, took them off and smelled mildew strongly. My feet now have athletes foot. Tried everything to battle the odor but failed. I have very good hygiene and when I took my boots off a very strong odor of mold bursted out, so I bought foot powder deodorant and several different foot care products, but nothing works. I was embarrassed when I was visiting a friend. I had to take my boots off to enter his home, that was the last straw. I threw them in the garbage. I… Full review

Crispi Nevada GTX

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Unethical business. I'm writing this review not about the quality of the boots, but the poor business practices of this organization. I purchased a pair of Nevadas from the website. They came in the wrong size. No problem, I called Miles and he emailed me a shipper to send them back, which I did the same day. I received the correct size and tried them on for fit and found they didn't fit me in the toe box. I called Miles again and explained the problem and asked to send them back for a refund. Note,… Full review

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