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Vasque Men's Sundowner

rated 5 of 5 stars Rejoice everyone! Vasque has finally heard us! The Sundowner is BACK! I have been wearing Vasque boots since I mowed grass all summer long to buy a pair of Montanas back in 1983. I bought my first Sundowners in 1992 and they lasted 15 glorious years. My last pair of Sundowners was bought about 4 years ago and it was my first experience with the Chinese boot. I was very saddly dissapointed with the fit and feel of them. I didn't wear them long enough to experience any of the quality issues most complain… Full review

Asolo Men's Power Matic 250 NBK V

rated 5 of 5 stars This is my first review on, so even though these boots (sadly) have been discontinued, I just HAD to write my first review about my absolute favorite piece of outdoor gear! (think of it as a practice run). Having been in the US Army (Airborne Infantry), I have done more than my share of walking, and as such have learned the importance of good footwear and taking care of one's feet. If your feet aren't happy, the rest of you won't be either. There are very few boots out there these… Full review

Meindl Island Pro MFS

rated 2 of 5 stars Very disappointed. Brought them a few years ago now and with very little use found signs of the soles coming off, to a point where they are unusable. Have about five pairs between a few mates, with two pairs failing the same way. Happy to provide photos. They were my second pair with my first pair just too small, my mistake. So could I recommend them? Probably not. Google the problem and read for yourself. Maybe there was a manufacture or material change. I don't know, but I won't risk the money… Full review

L.L.Bean Men's Gore-Tex Cresta Hikers, Fabric/Leather

rated 5 of 5 stars After 10 years of ownership I am in awe of these boots. I wish i could find their "little, lighter, more breathable brother" — but it doesn't appear to exist. Yea, they're costly at $225, but they last forever, support superbly, and are insanely comfortable (aside from heat). Here's a review after living with these boots a while — like TEN YEARS. They rock. Maybe it's me, or my feet, but in a mixed bag of real hiking, light use, and even around-the-yard stuff, these are possibly the most comfortable… Full review

Zamberlan Men's 310 Skill GT

rated 3.5 of 5 stars One piece of Italian leather for the upper? Yes please! However, they had to be resold in less than one year and I don't even do much more than day hiking. Full review

Danner Mountain Assault

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Sturdy, bulit like a tank, comfortable, supportive, little too heavy. I've tried other Danner boots and these are the most comfortable. I've tried Hiker 453 and Radical 452. They were nice, but their footbeds seemed just flat and therefore were not cushy enough for me. I am about 50 years old and I need some padding under my feet. Mountain Assaults use DHL 01 footbed which is anatomically shaped, and I can definitely feel the difference between these and some cheaper boots where no effort is made… Full review

Crispi Nevada GTX

rated 5 of 5 stars Great boot! Naturally wide and no break-in. I spent a lot of time and money on La Sportiva, Salomon, Vasque, North Face, Kennetrek and Meindl. Crispi are the only ones that fit me well and accommodate my wide toe box and narrow heel. I got mine through Miles Munger. Nobody sells them in Denver and none of the other so called distributors would ship for free. Miles Munger of Crispi NA (crispi.usa) shipped me 6 different sizes and styles to try. As long as they weren't worn outside or dirty, he took… Full review

Zamberlan 1050 Trek Magic GTX RR

rated 5 of 5 stars Wider toe box compared to most Zamberlan boots. Wider toe box compared to most Zamberlan boots. This boot fits a foot that has a squared toe box. My foot is normal width but needs the toe room. I have tried many boots and this is the first that is perfect for my shape foot. Zamberlan's size 12 is a Euro 47 vs. 46 in most other brands, so more toe length. Heel is not pressed hard against the back so no heel blistering. First hike was on the Long Trail up the Chin in Vermont with no problems. I have… Full review

Limmer Men's Mid-Weight

rated 5 of 5 stars Had my first pair of Limmers Standards working on the AMC Trail Crew in 1969 and 70. They lasted 21 years and 4 resoles. After a ~30 year hiatus I purchased the stock Mid-weights. Lov'em, they fit great right out of the box, although they will require a good break-in period.  I'm 64 and certain these will be the last hiking boots I will ever have to purchase. Full review

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