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Metolius Bravo Keylock Quickdraw Quickdraw
Grivel Mega K6G Twin Gate Locking Carabiner
Kong Ovalone Carbon ANSI Twist-Lock Locking Carabiner
Black Diamond HoodWire Rackpack Non-Locking Carabiner
$43 - $52
DMM Phantom Non-Locking Carabiner
$10 - $42
CAMP Orbit Bent Non-Locking Carabiner
Mammut Bionic Mytholito Locking Carabiner
Grivel Plume Wire Anodized Non-Locking Carabiner
$11 - $16
DMM Ultra O Screwgate Locking Carabiner
Omega Pacific Standard Oval Locking Locking Carabiner
$7 - $10
CAMP Nano 22 Express KS
Trango Neo Classic Quickdraws Quickdraw
Edelrid HMS Strike SafeLock Locking Carabiner
Mammut Element Steel Key Lock Non-Locking Carabiner
Grivel Sigma K8G Twin Gate Locking Carabiner
Mammut Crag HMS Screw Gate Locking Carabiner
CAMP HMS Keylock Locking Carabiner
Petzl Am'D Ball-Lock Locking Carabiner
Trango Smooth Bent Gate
Mad Rock Ultra Tech Twist-Lock Carabiner Locking Carabiner
$10 - $11
CAMP Orbit Wire Express KS Dyneema Quickdraw
Mammut Element HMS Locking Carabiner
Omega Pacific Doval Non-Locking Carabiner
user rating: 5 of 5 (2)
Wild Country Helium Clean Wire Quickdraw Quickdraw
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Simond Spider Screwgate Locking Carabiner
Trango SuperFly Bent Gate Non-Locking Carabiner
$11 MSRP
Omega Pacific Screw-Link
Edelrid HMS Strike Locking Carabiner
Wild Country Synergy Keylock HMS Locking Carabiner
CAMP Nano 23 Express Quickdraw Quickdraw
$15 MSRP
CAMP Photon Wire Express Dyneema Quickdraw Quickdraw
$19 MSRP
Petzl Locker Screw-Lock Locking Carabiner
$17 MSRP
Petzl Pro Spirit Carabiner Non-Locking Carabiner
Omega Pacific Ladder Hook Screw-Lok Locking Carabiner
$56 MSRP
Fixe Faders Safety Steel Rescue Triple Action Autolocking Carabiner, 30kN Locking Carabiner
CAMP Photon Express 11cm Dyneema Quickdraw
Omega Pacific Classic Quickdraw Quickdraw
$20 MSRP
CAMP High Strength Screw Gate Locking Carabiner
$20 MSRP
CAMP HMS 3 Lock Locking Carabiner
Wild Country Oxygen Quickdraw Quickdraw
Trango HMS Mini Screwlock Locking Carabiner
$20 MSRP
Mammut Locking Oval Locking Carabiner
Wild Country Astro Techwire Wiregate Non-Locking Carabiner
Edelrid Mission Quickdraw Quickdraw
Grivel Plume Easy Quickdraw
Trango SuperFly Straight Gate Non-Locking Carabiner
$11 MSRP
CAMP Guide XL 2Lock Locking Carabiner
CAMP Orbit Express Dyneema Quickdraw
Mammut Bionic Mytholito HMS Locking Carabiner
$16 MSRP
Liberty Mountain Classic Steel Oval Screw Gate Locking Carabiner
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