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Ti DX Set With Stove

rated 3 of 5 stars Although lightweight and compact, it is over-engineered and inefficient. Limited with what it can do and unstable on uneven ground. I have a number of alcohol burners (including homemade can stoves) and whilst it is well made and has an eye catching design, it is very expensive for what it can do. There are much cheaper, simpler and more efficient ways to boil water.  Yes, it is very light, but for gram counters there is even lighter. Just the titanium burner with an Evernew trivet and a simple… Full review

Titanium Cross Stand

rated 3.5 of 5 stars A lightweight, durable pot stand option for a common style of alcohol stoves that stows flat and takes up minimal space. While it can result in top-heavy cooking, its simple design is executed in quality material and provides outdoor enthusiasts with a compact pot stand option for Trangia-style alcohol stoves. What It Is The Evernew Titanium Cross Stand is a compact pot stand intended to fit on Evernew's Ti Alcohol Stove. However, as Evernew's Ti Alcohol Stove borrows its design cues from the more… Full review

Ti DX Set With Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars This is a lightweight stove. The burner comes to bloom quickly and it burns hotter than a Trangia stove. For boiling water, the burner is probably one of the best alcohol burners available. The stove is relatively light, very packable, and sets up easy. There is what appears to be fiberglass on the inside of the titanium burner (you can see it through the seep holes) that allows the burner to come to bloom quickly. The design of it is kind of neat. It has two sets of jetting holes, at the top ring… Full review

Ti Non-Stick Pot .9L

rated 1.5 of 5 stars Fragile and flimsy, not rugged, not recommended for multi-day backpacking trips. Not as heat resistant as titanium should be because it's made from very thin metal and easily warps and burns when used on a regular butane stove. This pot attracts potential buyers by promising very light weight and non-stick cooking surface coating. Both characteristics are very attractive for backpackers, but what is not obvious is that the Evernew pot is made from an extremely thin sheet metal that easily flexes… Full review

REI Ti Ware Nonstick Cookset

rated 1 of 5 stars Although lightweight, very thin material. If you cook little it may be good for weight weenies. Not enough for a recommendation. Below is a picture of the Evernew nonstick cook-set made specifically for REI by Evernew.   First, I am reviewing it here because it seems REI will not allow 1-Star reviews on its website (at least in this case as no matter how I tried I could not get this review to post on its site). Normally I would not care, but I feel that a company should allow good and bad reviews. Full review

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