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rated 5 of 5 stars My favorite camping lantern. Watch my review! Have fun. Full review

PD32 Flashlight

rated 5 of 5 stars Small, bright, and sturdy. This is what I found with the Fenix PD32 flashlight. The Fenix PD32 is a hand held flashlight that easily fits into the palm of my hand. Its overall length is 5". The light source is a Cree LED (XP-G2) which outputs a maximum of 340 lumens. The life span on the LED is 50,000 hours.   The function selector switch determines the mode — SOS, strobe, low, medium (bright), high (really bright), and turbo (really, really bright). After the initial playing around with it,… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I got this light for a backup/quick access light on my backpack, and it works great. It runs on 1 AAA battery, has three brightness settlings. The lowest setting is about as bright as a cheap AAA flashlight, and the brightest setting is adequate for almost any task in the dark, up to about 10-15 feet away, but I believe that it goes back to the medium setting after a bit, to avoid burning up the bulb. Full review

E25 Flashlight

rated 5 of 5 stars A spot light that fits in your pocket and runs on 2 AA's. This is my go-to light. It's very bright, and shines a beam like a spotlight up to around 50 yards, but will light up things up to about 100 yards. I have no issue at all night hiking with this light because it's so bright and shines so far. I initially got it for exploring mines and caves because my Petzl TacTikka XP just wasn't enough for the mist filled air, or the long tunnels (good headlamp, bad spot light). i got my E25 for $30 and… Full review

LD41 Flashlight

rated 4 of 5 stars Very bright, usable strobe (for defense purposes) and SOS, broad brightness levels. Since I mostly go solo, I trade the weight penalty for a greater sense of security. This light is overkill for backpacking and that's exactly why I usually take it on solo outings. Fenix delivers good lamps at decent prices and the LD41 holds true to that. It has four brightness settings, SOS, and a serious strobe (which uses the full 520lm) setting. It takes 4 AAs and the battery carriage does not rattle inside… Full review

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January 30, 2011


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