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Storm Dragon

rated 5 of 5 stars Best shoe ever made. Why they didn't keep making them I don't understand. My favorite shoe I've ever worn. I run a lot in the mountains. The mud doesn't stick or the snow, but it gives traction. Got all my best race times in the summer or winter running in these shoes. I stopped wearing them after 3 years of aggressive use. I had so many people ask me about them and I'm so distraught that they don't make anything on the market that is comparable. Full review

Surge Lite

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Nice light hiking boots! I've been trying these out for a couple of months now and I'm definitely impressed/intrigued by them. They certainly do live up to their name in terms of lightness. They are very light indeed. Quick summary, these are non-waterproof fast-packing boots. Designed for carrying a light load quickly down the trail, I'm sure these will be very well-suited for this purpose. From other online reviews I saw that they run a bit large, so I ordered on the small side by 1/2 size and… Full review

Storm Dragon

rated 4 of 5 stars I brought a pair of these about 2 years ago to do some winter off road training. Overall very good shoe with lots of adjustment options for the insole, all included in the box,  They also have their own set of mini gaitors, which are specifically designed to fit the shoe (slide in lugs along the sides of the shoe and a llop at the rear). Pros: Awesome trail shoe, good cushioning and traction, not much that it will not grip on, even wet, slippery rocks. Good support all round, secure fit once laces… Full review

Lime Lite

rated 3 of 5 stars I bought a pair and loved them, but they are terrible for anything other than dirt for traction. I almost fell due to how slick they are on a wet surface. The soles wore out in 6 months! Comfort is a plus but be willing to replace these shoes if you are active. The grip is terrible on slick rocks too. Full review


rated 2 of 5 stars After having owned 3 pairs of GoLite SunDragons, I took advantage of the lifetime warranty on one of those pairs and GoLite gave me a new pair of shoes of my choice. I chose a pair of Size 13 (they don't go any larger than that) of the Force running shoes. Pros: The look nice, better upper materials, better sole materials Cons: The interior has an interior "cup" that is part of the lacing system. It is designed to hold your foot in place so GoLite claims. The minute I put these on they were so uncomfortable… Full review

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Doug Clark has ridden a rollercoaster with GoLite Footwear, standing by his brand when a corporate giant gave up on it. Now he's hoping his "upside-down" approach to shoe technology, one designed to work with the natural human gait, will provide a foothold in the highly-competitive outdoor shoe market. Read more
July 23, 2010


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