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Fairshare Mug

rated 4 of 5 stars Solid bowl, good for storing leftovers. The Fairshare is a cool bit of mess kit. I find it's not all that handy for most of my two-person trips as my pot sets have their own mugs. When a bowl is needed though it's handy. It's resealable so you can store leftovers very easily. The big opening allows you to shove your hand in and clean it out with ease. Definitely a solid bit of kit. Full review

50 oz. Java Drip

rated 5 of 5 stars The best coffee solution yet for rafting trips. OK, to start out, my needs for coffee are probably not in line with most, but for overnight rafting trips with 10+ coffee drinkers this is the best system we've used yet. Past coffee making efforts have evolved from cowboy coffee (uck, just uck) to percolators (too slow and fussy) to Coleman auto-drips (too bulky and fragile) to the REI 48oz insulated French Press (too hard to clean) to a large #6 coffee cone and a Hydro Flask insulated growler (too… Full review

Titanium Kung Foon

rated 4 of 5 stars Good utensil set for the backcountry, whether you're eating out of a freeze dried meal bag, or your pot. Bring the chopsticks just by themselves for an ultralight cookware solution. Kung Foon is a great utensil for the backcountry meals. I only pack the chopsticks; the rosewood is really durable and cleans well. My only complaint is if I'm eating something with a strong consistency (I eat ice cream out of the pint with this sometimes, don't judge me), the chopsticks bend a little and start creaking. Full review

Spice Missle

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A clever way to take your next backpacking meal from bland to grand! Bring the GSI Spice Missile with you on your next outdoor adventure and enjoy food with flavor! I bought the GSI Spice Missile for an overnight trip to a local campground. I was car camping but trying to avoid taking the entire contents of my house. I have since used it on two overnight backpacking trips with less than 8 miles on each trip. Specs Copolyester Resin Body 2.1 ounces total empty weight 2.45 ounces with my spices Waterproof… Full review

Halulite Minimalist Cookset

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Compact convenient cookware. Just the Right Size... I think a lot of thought went into this product from people who really use it and love the functions. It is downright perfect for a soloist or couple to get their water boiled, food made, and drink on. I really like the materials it is made out of. I sat there at the sporting goods store and it compares nicely to considerably more expensive Ti equipment. The durability has been great. I will note though that it has some sort of coating on the outside,… Full review

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