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Anyone serious about performing as an athlete knows that it's critical to refuel after a workout. Beyond complex carbs, your body also desperately needs pure protein -- like Hammer Whey. First, the reason for protein is fairly straightforward. In any workout longer than about two hours, your body starts to access stored protein for energy (you can reduce this effect using a soy-protein-based supplement like Hammer's Perpetuem). The soreness you feel after a hard effort is often a result of your body continuing to heal itself from this protein depletion, where the protein loss has come directly from your muscles. Failure to replace this protein within 30 minutes after a workout will only prolong the pain and lengthen the recovery period. The way to reduce that soreness and maximize the strength-building effects of a workout is easy: replace the carbohydrates, antioxidants, amino acids, and the protein stores you've just used up. And a few scoops of Hammer Nutrition's Whey makes that possible.First, know that whey protein is the most bio-available protein source for your body. Meaning' Your body can more readily assimilate whey protein than any other form, save soy and egg whites (and soy is considered a more ideal source during workouts). Hammer's whey is more concentrated than a lot of other whey powders because it's made from whey protein isolate, not whey protein concentrate. The former is not only nearly lactose free, so even lactose-intolerant athletes can use it, but it's nearly 100% protein, whereas soy protein concentrate is typically no more than 80% protein (so you have to use more of it to get the same effect).That raises a few key points. First, you need a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein for ideal recovery, and roughly 10-20g of protein (depending on the duration of your workout as well as intensity, and your body weight). Second, Hammer Whey contains some key ingredients you also need for recovery, including the amino acid L-glutamine, which rebuild...

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Protein supplementation is absolutely essential for any hardtraining athlete to maintain repair and grow lean muscle mass Hammer Whey ideal for supporting your immune system and enhancing recovery between workouts and races helps you obtain the full amount of protein you need dailyWhey is the most easily assimilated of all proteins and is packed with a tremendous amount of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids Hammer Whey also contains high amounts of other recoveryspecific amino acids and is glutaminefortified for immune system support Hammer Whey is 100 whey protein isolate so you get more actual protein per serving and less lactose and fat than obtained through the commonly found concentrate formSerious endurance athletes have protein requirements far above the normal adult RDA so make sure you always have Hammer Whey on handExtra BenefitsContains only 100 undenatured nonheated whey isolate which is virtually lactose fat free but rich in immuneenhancing betalactalbumins and alphalactalbumins Gram per gram we believe you wont find a higher quality protein at a better value especially when you compare the whey protein isolate in Hammer Whey to cheaper whey concentrates most of which contain only 7085 actual protein and higher amounts of fat and lactosebull Maintain and repair lean muscle tissuebull Superb immune system supportbull Minimize postexercise sorenessbull 6 grams of glutamine per servingbull Glutenfree no artificial sweetenersbull Contains no MSGbull Kosher Dairy Certified

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Use Hammer Nutrition Whey protein drink after exercise to help maintain, repair and grow lean muscle mass. Hammer Whey contains recovery-specific amino acids and is fortified with glutamine to help support your immune system. Hammer Whey is 100% whey protein isolate, meaning you get less lactose and fat than concentrate. *Discount will be applied when you check out; offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9.