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HH Wool LS Crew

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Sturdy, warm, and straightforward. This is not the most comfortable wool base layer out there, but it performs beautifully in terms of fit, warmth, and durability. This top is well made and will keep you warm. No bells, no whistles. Fit & Comfort - Fit in arms, shoulders, and torso is true to size, keeping in mind that the desired fit of this top is very snug. I'd recommend trying it on before buying if you have concerns about the sizing. The wool was fine on my skin, but other backpackers found… Full review

Loke Jacket

rated 1 of 5 stars Best used "in town," you know from the car to the front door of the grocery store and back to the car. Or some other non-critical, non-backcountry application. Fit and comfort: The cut is fine except for the hood. The hood is way too shallow front to back. Your face and head will get wet a lot. Or you will hike looking straight down only. Even more so if you have a ponytail/bun/lots-of-hair on your head. Sleeves are of appropriate length as is the body length. Adjustability: Fine and standard. Nothing… Full review

Odin Minimalist Rain Jacket

rated 4.5 of 5 stars For under 6 ounces, this rain shell makes a lightweight addition to a pack. Used as an emergency layer, it breathes as well as a waterproof jacket can and layers easily with a down jacket in the cooler months. This three-season minimalist jacket used for hiking or biking packs small, but the small size, light weight, and durability comes at a higher price than others, though will be enticing to UL backpackers. Preface: I was lucky enough to win this jacket in a Facebook contest back in August for… Full review

Berthed 3

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Excellent urban boot, poor hiker. I have owned a pair for over two years dealing with harsh Canadian winters and rainy UK fall/winter/spring. The materials held up extremely well, and after a spray with leather conditioner/wax they looked and performed good as new. The construction was very good, and even the outsoles dealt well with both hikes and concrete as they were subjected to 500+ miles of use over two years. They were very comfortable as daily wearers, but I did notice soreness around the… Full review

Verglas Dynamic Softshell Pant

rated 3.5 of 5 stars HH, what's the deal? Making non-functional ski pants??? Sadly you CANNOT wear this one in the steep and deep. The cuff is far too small diameter to fit (stretch) over normal ski boots. Yep, I bought a pair for use in warmer spring conditions and they simply won't make it over the boots.  So, it's off to the tailor shop to get zippers cut in an lycra to make them work. Glad I bought them on sale, but still for +$138, not worth it unless you plan to sink in another $30 for tailoring. I love the fabric… Full review

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