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Hyperlite Asym Zip

rated 5 of 5 stars This hammock is the absolute best and lightest hammock system I have tested and used on the trail. I highly recommend it. The weight rivals that of a tarp tent but the sleep it affords is unbeatable. If I could pass along one bit of advice, it would be to practice extensively with setups at home before you take it to the woods. A hammock is not a hanging tent, and if approached in that manner, will lead to disappointment the first time it is used. Everyone has their own sweet spot that allows them… Full review

SuperShelter Insulation System

rated 3.5 of 5 stars If you own a Hennessy hammock, and want to camp in the cold you might want to check out Hennessy Hammock's Super Shelter (HHSS) an economical solution to keeping the hammock side of the hammocker warm. The HHSS is rated to be a 4-season solution to insulate the hammock. I have used it with success down to 25° and was toasty warm. The Hennessy Hammock Super Shelter is a system approach to hammock bottom insulation, and a good one that with the use of a vapor barrier users can camp out in frigid… Full review

Expedition Asym Zip

rated 4 of 5 stars An excellent all-in-one hammock system that won't break the bank. A little on the heavy side, and improved with some slight modifications. Overall a great introduction into the world of hanging. Protects from the elements, and is ideal for camping, hiking in most of the Northern hemisphere. I recommend the Hennessy hammock system to anyone looking for a full on 3-4 season hammock/shelter system and that spends a good amount of time in areas with trees. Ahhh Hammocks! Providing me with the best nights'… Full review

Expedition Asym

rated 4 of 5 stars This was the best $175 dollars I have every spent! I got this hammock about two years ago for about a $175 dollars. I had seen other people in my Boy Scout troop using them and they said that they loved them. I looked up reviews for them and they were fantastic. I immediately went out and purchased one. I use this at every opportunity. The only reason I didn't give this five stars was because when setting this up you have to get it just right in order to stay dry. I solved this issue by purchasing… Full review

Explorer Deluxe Asym

rated 4 of 5 stars The Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Hammock is great for anyone that wants to sleep comfortably while hiking or camping! Its design allows you to sleep diagonally and FLAT! I have owned this hammock for three years now and have not slept on the ground since!   The Hennessy Explorer Deluxe comes with everything you need to start hanging. It includes "tree huggers", or straps to protect the tree trunk from damage, a rain fly, an integrated bug net, a carrying bag, and ropes that are connected to the hammock… Full review

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