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Static V

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Very lightweight! It weighs around 18 ounces and compresses down to about 9"x6": great for saving space in a pack. It's quick to set up also (about 10-15 breaths to inflate it). Simple and straightforward. If you're looking to save weight on your backpacking trip, the Klymit Static V is exceptional. It weighs around 18 ounces and compresses down to about 9"x6": great for saving space in a pack. The material is nice and strong. It's quick to set up also (about 10-15 breaths to inflate it). Simple… Full review

Pillow X

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Finally, a legitimate replacement for my "bag-o-clothes." When on my back, the "X" in the middle cradles my head and holds it in place so my neck muscles don't have to. When on my side, my ear doesn't get crushed as the high spots support my head with my ear in the "X" in the middle and the pillow's just tall enough to keep my neck straight instead of bent up or down. While waiting for delivery, I kept wondering why I spent $18 on a pillow when my extra clothes in a stuff sack has always worked… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I got this product for FREE when I purchased my sleeping bag online from Campsaver.com and I love it! It only weighs 3 oz and it is very comfortable! I got this as a FREE gift and I love it! I take it with me on every trip. It folds in half or in thirds, it's pretty amazing. It's lightweight. It fits in my sleeping bag under my head or on top of my sleeping pad for extra head cushion. I usually roll it in thirds and put a clean shirt over it an use as a comfy pillow. It packs down very small, fits… Full review

Pillow X

rated 4.5 of 5 stars The solution to the fact that everyone likes a different kind of pillow. This pillow inflates to suit anyone's desire. I have never been a fan of inflatable pillows until this model. Ease of Use: Really easy to blow up. Just 2-3 breaths depending on how firm you like it. The valve is the old school multiple twist to tighten. It would be nice to have the 1/4 turn valve, but it's not a big deal.full turn valve The pillow fits really nicely into the hood of all of my bags. In the bags with a tighter… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars This is my absolutely go-to luxury item. Light, comfortable, and endless options with this Klymit Cush pillow/seat. I am not one personally to bring a pillow. It's habit to toss my hiking clothes into a dry sack and use that as my pillow for the evening. Honestly, I bought this because REI was having a clearance sale and I picked it up for $7. For $7 I'll buy just about anything to try it. Now let me tell you... this has become absolutely a permanent fixture in my backpack. It is most definitely… Full review

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Klymit develops "noble gas" technologies to insulate outerwear and outdoor adventure gear.

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