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Recent Hat Reviews

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

rated 5 of 5 stars Lose the vanity — get this hat. Okay, so you're going to look a little like the girl from True Grit. It's worth it. Hat offers great face, neck, and shoulder coverage. It's lightweight but will lose its shape if you treat it like...an adventure hat. I even wore it once on a Saturday. Full review

Black Rock Gear Original Black Rock Hat

rated 0.5 of 5 stars I wore this down hat in Colorado in sub-zero weather and my head FROZE. My little fleece hat is warmer. If you want a warm hat for really cold weather get the Mad-Bomber hat with leather and fur. You do not see ANYBODY in Alaska wearing these things for good reason! I definitely don't recommend this hat for really cold weather. It is a joke for what it costs. There is not nearly enough down in this thing and the people that are giving it a positive review must live in Southern California. Get a… Full review

Black Rock Gear Original Black Rock Hat

rated 5 of 5 stars The best of the best. Handmade with care in the USA by a small business. Excellent customer service. Crazy warm and soft. Does not squeeze your head. If you are serious about keeping warm and comfortable and are sick of hats not doing their job, this is the product for you. First, it is made right here in the USA by a very small company. You are supporting a small business and supporting someone who believes in his product and will give you great customer service. The fit is generous and the hat… Full review

Trailspace Trail Runner Cap

rated 5 of 5 stars Who doesn't want to look fly, feel cool, and represent Trailspace? It's a comfortable, lightweight, and well-fitting hat that drys quickly and wicks sweat very well. Got this awesome hat from Trailspace. I've owned some type of running hat for the last 10 years. This one is by far my favorite. With a sweet TS logo on the front and "trailspace.com" on the back, it's actually a Headsweats brand hat, so you can find it in the store...though you may not look as sharp!   It is very lightweight and is… Full review

Dorfman Pacific MC50 Fishing Hat with Removable Sunshield

rated 2 of 5 stars Like most hats, this one keeps the sun off your face. The bonus here is that it also keeps the sun off you neck with the attachable sunshield. However, the velcro sunshield is prone to detach and is far from stylish. This is an inexpensive hat that I bought at a large sporting goods store because I wanted to keep the sun off my face and neck in the summer months without having to wear something around my neck, like my Original Buff or a bandana.  The hat's adjustability is generous. I have a larger… Full review

Under Armour Armour Stretch Fit Cap

rated 5 of 5 stars Very comfortable hat. It is moisture wicking and keeps the sun off your face. This is a very comfortable hat while jogging, hiking, golfing, or whatever you do on a sunny day that might make you break a sweat. The hat is very durable and wicks away sweat very well and surprisingly doesn't show that nasty sweat ring on the bill. It looks good too. This hat was a gift from a friend that told me he never wanted to see me in a camo hat again, lol. Full review

Buff Original Buff

rated 3 of 5 stars After getting used to it, wearing the Buff has added a layer of protection from the elements, while doing a fine job of wicking away moisture. The Original Buff is 100% polyester microfiber, seamless, and is very soft. It's actually softer than that really old, worn-out T-shirt you can't get rid of. And for any of you who have one of those old T-shirts, you know how incredibly soft that is.  At the heart of the Buff is adjustability and versatility. The company shows 13 different ways to wear it. Full review

SmartWool Training Beanie

rated 5 of 5 stars Breathable, lightweight beanie that fits well under the hood of an over jacket or soft shell. Another one of my lightweight purchases in preparation for higher altitude hikes this summer. I've worn this beanie several times under my Marmot Vapor Hoodie and during wet, snow/rain walks it has performed quite well when under the hood. When I've worn it by itself in upper 20s it's not the warmest but that's not what it's designed for. This is a training beanie, which actually lets some of the heat/moisture… Full review

Outdoor Research Force 9 Sombrero

rated 1 of 5 stars If you want magnets to throw your compass off, or a slight wind to blow the brim into the up position you might like this hat. I always get a hat that is sized a bit large so I can adjust how it fits on my head, and use the cord lock if wind becomes a problem. I put a compass on the cord and slide it inside my shirt. This hat would be fine except for the magnets. The magnets mean if the wind pushes the brim up at all the magnets grab hold much more often than the velcro ones. This means you are… Full review

Top-Rated Hats

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ExOfficio Irresistible Beanie Winter Hat
Columbia Enchanted Forest Beanie Winter Hat
Columbia Pigtail Hat Winter Hat
Columbia Hampton Trail II Beanie Winter Hat
Columbia Plaid Visor Beanie Winter Hat
Kenyon Fleece Earband Winter Hat
Columbia Alpine Run Beanie Winter Hat
Columbia Wilderness Run Peruvian Hat Winter Hat
Mountain Hardwear Posh Dome Winter Hat
$7 - $16
Mountain Hardwear Lunetta Dome Winter Hat
Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat Winter Hat
Outdoor Research Solaris Bucket Sun Hat
$7 - $31
prAna Headband Winter Hat
$7 - $10
prAna Reversible Women's Headband Winter Hat
$7 - $13
Turtle Fur The Hat Winter Hat
$7 - $14
Columbia Bugaboo Stripe Peruvian Winter Hat
Mountain Hardwear Sarafin Beanie Winter Hat
$7 - $17
Columbia Baddabing Hat Winter Hat
$7 - $8
Outdoor Research Ropeline Beanie Winter Hat
Komperdell XA-10 Face Mask Neoprene, Fleece Backing Balaclava
Columbia Whirlibird Beanie Winter Hat
Wigwam 1017 Beanie Winter Hat
Kenyon Fleece Balaclava Balaclava
DaKine Tall Boy Beanie Winter Hat
$8 - $19
Carhartt Acrylic Knit Hat Winter Hat
Black Diamond Peter Beanie Winter Hat
$8 - $14
Burton Up On Lights Beanie Winter Hat
$8 - $14
Burton Pine Fresh Beanie Winter Hat
Helly Hansen HH Neck Balaclava
DaKine Barney Beanie Winter Hat
Columbia BC Bandit Beanie Winter Hat
Outdoor Technology Basics Yowie Facemask Balaclava
Outdoor Research Riot Cap Winter Hat
Burton Truckstop Beanie Winter Hat
DaKine 2-Way Beanie Winter Hat
$9 - $11
Columbia Urbanization Mix Beanie Winter Hat
$9 - $18
DaKine Wendell Beanie Winter Hat
$9 - $19
DaKine Lester Beanie Winter Hat
$9 - $19
DaKine Flip Flop Beanie Winter Hat
$9 - $19
The North Face Anygrade Beanie Winter Hat
$10 - $14
White Sierra Cozy Reversible Beanie Winter Hat
Patagonia Pom Beanie Winter Hat
$10 - $39
Outdoor Research Billie Cap Winter Hat
Turtle Fur Turtle Band Winter Hat
Marmot Shadows Hat Winter Hat
$10 - $20
DaKine Morgan Beanie Winter Hat
$10 - $19
Frogg Toggs Bucket Hat Rain Hat
Carhartt Knit Hat with Visor Winter Hat
The North Face Bones Beanie Winter Hat
$10 - $20
The North Face Baby Oso Cute Beanie Winter Hat
$10 - $22
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