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Recent Winter Hat Reviews

Outdoor Research Frostline Hat

rated 1 of 5 stars This hat has great features and genius to the design, but the velcro straps are so bad as to outweigh all the other good features. I suggest DON'T buy it. The hat is light years ahead of a Dome Perignon, but alas I am 1 or 2 years too soon for this fancy new hat technology because they used velcro instead of high quality metal snap buttons, which would be ideal. I hope they revise it to eliminate the velcro and put on metal snap buttons. Full review

Mountain Hardwear Dome Meritage

rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent warmth, great wind block, super ear coverage, and super comfy material. I've bought this for my girlfriend on sale and went back to get one for myself! If you are seeing one around on sale, grab it. It's warm, blocks wind, and covers my ears like no other hat, even my Icebreaker.  Full review

Black Rock Gear Original Black Rock Hat

rated 2 of 5 stars Not a very good hat. Not as warm or as comfortable as a good wool beanie. This hat doesn't breathe well so it gets sweated up easy and is worthless. I love down, but not for hats. Look at merino/possum blend hats for something 10x as good as this down hat. Full review

UGQ Outdoor Equipment Down Skully

rated 5 of 5 stars Quilt users will want to take notice of this 1.4 oz. down beanie/skully which may become one of your favorite pieces of winter gear. Anyone who hangs out in the cool can find this super light and very warm hat worth every penny of the purchase price. Uses are only limited to their imagination. Hunters, anglers, hikers, sports fans, shooters, golfers and everyone who hangs out in the cold can benefit from this 850 hyper Drydown filled beanie. Materials Start with a 10D nylon inner and 15D DWR treated… Full review

Black Rock Gear Original Black Rock Hat

rated 0.5 of 5 stars I wore this down hat in Colorado in sub-zero weather and my head FROZE. My little fleece hat is warmer. If you want a warm hat for really cold weather get the Mad-Bomber hat with leather and fur. You do not see ANYBODY in Alaska wearing these things for good reason! I definitely don't recommend this hat for really cold weather. It is a joke for what it costs. There is not nearly enough down in this thing and the people that are giving it a positive review must live in Southern California. Get a… Full review

Black Rock Gear Original Black Rock Hat

rated 5 of 5 stars The best of the best. Handmade with care in the USA by a small business. Excellent customer service. Crazy warm and soft. Does not squeeze your head. If you are serious about keeping warm and comfortable and are sick of hats not doing their job, this is the product for you. First, it is made right here in the USA by a very small company. You are supporting a small business and supporting someone who believes in his product and will give you great customer service. The fit is generous and the hat… Full review

Smartwool Training Beanie

rated 5 of 5 stars Breathable, lightweight beanie that fits well under the hood of an over jacket or soft shell. Another one of my lightweight purchases in preparation for higher altitude hikes this summer. I've worn this beanie several times under my Marmot Vapor Hoodie and during wet, snow/rain walks it has performed quite well when under the hood. When I've worn it by itself in upper 20s it's not the warmest but that's not what it's designed for. This is a training beanie, which actually lets some of the heat/moisture… Full review

Lost Horizon Junta Earflap Hat

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Handcrafted in Nepal, this wool hat has a generous 4 inch polyester lining band. Overall, a pretty decent hat but not one for every winter weather condition. I bought this hat primarily because of my large head size (24 1/4 inches, 61.6cm or 7 3/4, depending on what measurement you prefer). Most beanies never come close to covering my ears, so I needed a winter hat with flaps to protect my precious lobes. I've owned this hat now for six years and it has seen action in six snowy and cold winters,… Full review

Ibex Zepher Skull Cap

rated 4 of 5 stars A comfortable merino wool hat that will become your new favorite hat within a few minutes of wearing it. Definitely worth spending a few bucks on (though mine was a prize). So I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with this hat....pretty soon it's going to be too warm to wear it all the time. This merino wool hat is phenomenally comfortable and comforting. I've been home sick all day today. The house has been cold, and I've been in my jammies and Ibex Zepher Skull Cap the entire time. Aside from pulling nursing… Full review

Top-Rated Winter Hats

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Kenyon Fleece Earband
Outdoor Research Flurry Beanie
$7 - $25
prAna Headband
$7 - $14
prAna Reversible Women's Headband
$7 - $13
Columbia Baddabing Hat
$7 - $8
Outdoor Research Ropeline Beanie
Columbia Whirlibird Beanie
DaKine Tall Boy Beanie
$8 - $19
Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat
Carhartt Acrylic Knit Hat
Burton Up On Lights Beanie
$8 - $14
DaKine Barney Beanie
Outdoor Research Soleil Ear Band
$9 - $10
REI Solid Knit Beanie
REI Frostland Hat with Strap
Outdoor Research Riot Cap
Burton Truckstop Beanie
DaKine 2-Way Beanie
$9 - $11
Columbia Urbanization Mix Beanie
$9 - $18
DaKine Wendell Beanie
$9 - $19
DaKine Lester Beanie
$9 - $19
DaKine Flip Flop Beanie
$9 - $19
Outdoor Research Soleil Beanie
The North Face Anygrade Beanie
$10 - $14
White Sierra Cozy Reversible Beanie
Columbia Bugaboo IC Hat
$10 - $120
Outdoor Research Delegate Headband
$10 - $13
Outdoor Research Knotty Beanie
$10 - $28
Columbia Pigtail Hat
$10 - $13
REI Snowy Creek Earflap Hat
Burton All Day Long Beanie
Outdoor Research Billie Cap
Marmot Shadows Hat
$10 - $19
DaKine Morgan Beanie
$10 - $19
Carhartt Knit Hat with Visor
Burton Pine Fresh Beanie
Outdoor Research Wind Warrior Hat
$10 - $37
Burton Billboard Beanie
$10 - $19
REI Chunky Rib Knit Peruvian Hat
Marmot Striper Hat
$11 - $19
DaKine Waffle Visor Beanie
$11 - $19
Marmot Spike Hat
$11 - $12
Mountain Hardwear Butter Beanie
$11 - $15
Oakley Fine Knit Beanie 3.0
$11 - $14
Arc'teryx Phase AR Headband
$11 - $16
Burton Serviced Beanie
Marmot Retro Pom Hat
$11 - $19
Columbia Adventure Ride Visor Beanie
$12 - $13
Outdoor Research Juice Joint Bucket
The North Face Baby Oso Cute Beanie
$12 - $17
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