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Recent Winter Hat Reviews

Chaos CTR Adrenaline Combo Skully

rated 3.5 of 5 stars A well put together skull cap with built in ear protection. Perfect for wearing under a helmet. The Chaos CTR Adrenaline Combo Skully takes the best features of a thin skull cap and adds effective ear protection. Part of the Chaos Thermal Regulating (CTR) line of products, the skull cap portion features a fabric of 85% Polyester, for warmth and 15% Elastane, for a nice snug fit. The lower ear protection fabric is comprised of 83% Acrylic 11% Merino Wool, for warmth and comfort, and 6% Elastane for… Full review

Ibex Meru Hat

rated 5 of 5 stars After six months of wearing the Ibex's Meru Hat, I can confidently state this is the most comfortable beanie I have ever worn. This quality merino wool hat has done the job exceptionally well. Soon after starting to wear the Meru, I stopped grabbing other hats out of my closet. As I stated in the summary, this is the most comfortable beanie I have used, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone shopping around for a wool beanie. Testing: I wore the Meru throughout the winter of 2016-2017, including… Full review

Icebreaker Pocket 200 Hat

rated 3.5 of 5 stars This light knitted hat is thin and close-fitting. It's small enough to keep in a pocket. It's light enough to wear in cool weather, but it's not warm enough for -40°C weather. This knitted hat (or toque, as we in Canada call it) is very comfortable to wear. It's made from a double layer of t-shirt fabric, of merino wool. This kind of wool isn't scratchy at all, so many people allergic to wool will not get a reaction from this cloth. I've worn this hat during four winters. It's nice to have a hat… Full review

Turtle Fur Brain Shroud

rated 4 of 5 stars I love the lined ears but can be too warm on a steep ascent where I like to wear a very light hat (Arc'teryxPhase AR Beanie). Full review

Seirus Quick Draw Hat

rated 4 of 5 stars Warm and versatile at a fair price. Bought this last spring at Dicks Sporting Goods for 18$. I have used it on about five day hikes and three overnight to four-night trips. Very warm down to at least 20 degrees, I'm sure it will go lower. I just have not had the opportunity to get it out. Good water repellency from the factory. I wore it in the rain a lot on a recent trip and it never soaked through. At the temperatures I have used the QuickDraw in it been a little too warm while walking but during… Full review

Stormy Kromer The Original Cap

rated 5 of 5 stars What a great winter hat! Being from New England, I was unfamiliar with the historical legacy of this Midwestern hat company, and had seen the hat only on photos posted on social media by fellow winter adventurers. Well, this hat is amazing...high quality, great comfort, specific sizing, and very warm. I have used it for winter hiking, snowshoeing, and just being outside in wet, miserable weather. Highly recommended! I love my Stormy Kromer. Disclosure...when I first heard I had won this hat, I was… Full review

Loki Fleece 3 in 1 Hat

rated 5 of 5 stars This hat is a comfortable must have in your pack. The fit of this hat is very good, not perfect, but then most one size items are not perfect. The color selection is good. This fleece hat is lightweight, warm, and converts into a hood and a neck gaiter. You can also loosen the top and vent if needed. It also can be worn around the top of the head too as a band. This hat is really a must have in your pack or your jacket. Full review

Arc'teryx Phase AR Beanie

rated 4 of 5 stars The small band does work, but the hat itself does not form to my head as well as others that I have used. It does let moisture out, but it will not keep your head warm in very windy conditions. I bought this for ascending mountains. Size S/M Full review

Icebreaker Mogul Hat

rated 5 of 5 stars Best beanie I've ever had, and I'm a hat guy. At the moment I own two, after losing one. I got my first one about 8 years ago, and had it for 7.5 years. It was my only hat. It feels great on my head, never too warm, always enough, whether as a liner under my ski helmet, hiking, and as a go-to hat. The most amazing thing about it, is that I use it on a daily basis. It doesn't come of my head for 8 hours straight, and it doesn't stink or itch.  By far the best beanie I've had, and I am a hat guy. Full review

Top-Rated Winter Hats

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Wigwam 1017 Beanie
prAna Headband
$5 - $13
Mountain Hardwear Micro Half Dome
$5 - $7
prAna Reversible Women's Headband
$5 - $11
Outdoor Research Brink Beanie
Outdoor Research Lil' Ripper Beanie
$5 - $20
Turtle Fur Turtle Band
Kenyon Fleece Earband
REI Snowy Creek Earflap Hat
Columbia Baddabing Hat
$7 - $14
Columbia Pigtail Hat
$8 - $9
Outdoor Research Delegate Headband
Columbia Whirlibird Beanie
Terramar Watch Cap
Turtle Fur The Hat
Black Diamond Peter Beanie
$9 - $12
Columbia Urbanization Mix Beanie
REI Chunky Rib Knit Peruvian Hat
Outdoor Research Riot Cap
Outdoor Research Soleil Beanie
The North Face Anygrade Beanie
Ibex Fairisle Rollbrim
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Outdoor Research Flurry Beanie
$10 - $25
Outdoor Research Juice Joint Bucket
Mountain Hardwear Butter Beanie
$10 - $11
Outdoor Research Billie Cap
Mountain Hardwear Snowpass Dome
Columbia Adventure Ride Visor Beanie
Columbia Thermarator Hat
$10 - $11
Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Beanie
$10 - $16
Marmot Striper Hat
Marmot Shadows Hat
$10 - $19
The North Face Bones Beanie
$10 - $20
Marmot Spike Hat
$10 - $12
Marmot Retro Pom Hat
$10 - $19
Patagonia Baby Shelled Hat
$10 - $21
Icebreaker Boreal Hat
Smartwool Headband
$11 - $22
Outdoor Research Soleil Ear Band
The North Face Baby Nugget Beanie
$11 - $13
The North Face Pete N Repeat Beanie
$11 - $14
user rating: 4 of 5 (2)
The North Face Logo Beanie
$11 - $30
The North Face Denali Thermal Beanie
$11 - $30
Outdoor Research Wind Pro Ear Band
$11 - $22
Black Diamond Tom Pom Beanie
Marmot Powderday Beanie
$11 - $16
Icebreaker Quantum Headband
The North Face TNF Standard Issue Beanie
$11 - $24
Outdoor Research Ear Band
$12 - $23
Everest Designs Bitterroot Earflap Hat
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