ProBar Cran-Lemon Twister Bar

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Zesty with a smooth citrus kick, the delicious Cran-Lemon Twister PROBAR Whole Food energy bar supplies all natural food for extra endurance, fast recovery or meal replacement. Made with organic ingredients, this all-natural bar is blended, not baked, to preserve taste and vital nutrients. With over 15 whole foods, these 100% vegan bars combine the tantalizing tastes of whole grain, fruits and nuts for a unique flavor experience. PROBAR also requires less hydration to break down than other bars because of the perfect balance of protein and sodium. Low protein ratio is ideal for endurance; low glycemic-index foods keep insulin spikes to a minimum, preventing fast sugar drops (bonking). Bars make an excellent meal replacement option, providing slow, clean-burning energy throughout the day; combine with fruit or a glass of soy milk. Well-balanced fat content with essential fatty acids, poly- and mono-saturated and unsaturated fats helps curb cravings. Long shelf life without use of preservatives. 70% raw ingredients. Specifications based on a range of flavors; nutrition facts displayed here and on wrapper may differ; information on wrapper reflects actual contents. Allergy sufferers need to be aware that PROBAR contains tree nuts and seeds and is packaged on equipment that processes legumes (peanuts). Overstock. - REI

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