Sauce Headwear Swift Toque


Small/Medium is designed to fit the average head of a woman and youth.
Medium/Large is designed to fit the average man's head or woman who prefer a looser fit.

Manufacturer's Description

The Swift Toque is a lightweight hat designed for aerobic winter activities.

  • Ideal for a moderate to high intensity exercise in temperatures as low as 10°F / -12°C.

  • Made from Meryl® microfiber, this hat will wick moisture and provide resistance to the wind.

Personalize the Swift Toque with a tassel!

  • The Flower Tassel is unique to Sauce Headwear and will add a bit of summer to the coldest winter days.

  • The Traditional Tassel is available in several colours to match anyone's taste.

  • The Bead Tassel is a tasteful alternative to the traditional tassel.