Saucony ProGrid Mirage 3

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Saucony now has an entire series of minimalist shoes, and you'll find the Men's ProGrid Mirage 3 Running Shoe perched at the top of the line. A traditional running shoe is often stiff, heavily cushioned, and fitted with a massive, bulky heel you're forced to drag around mile after mile. The Mirage 3 is a departure from this standard fare; this is a lightweight shoe with plenty of flexibility and a low drop. Your heel and forefoot are positioned to make it easy to run on your midfoot or forefoot and at less than nine ounces, this road shoe could be described as feathery light. FlexFilm technology reduces the number of layers in the upper and does away with stitched seams. For the moderate-mileage runner with little need for pronation correction, this shoe offers a new, more natural way to take on mile after mile of pavement. The Kinvara 3, the Virrata, and Hattori LC shoes also fall into Saucony's Natural series, and each shoe is lighter and more flexible than the last. Only the Kinvara 3 features the same 4mm drop and a similar level of cushioning (with less support) than the Mirage 3, while the Virrata serves as the zero-drop trainer of the bunch, and the Hattori LC is the most minimalist, ultralight, and low-to-the-ground choice in the series. -

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