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Used the ATS to rappel into several caves. This device…

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Used the ATS to rappel into several caves. This device is lightweight and well designed. It handles 11mm rope surprisingly well for what it is.


  • Lightweight
  • More control options than a fig. 8
  • Doesn't clank around due to rubber carabiner holder


  • Gets hotter than a stainless rappel rack

Used to rappel a 120' cave drop on 11mm static rope a couple times. I'd guess it would be great for canyoneering, as it has more friction options than a standard fig. 8.  

I really liked the ATS, but it does get a lot more hot on fast rappels than my stainless rack.


Can you post a picture of how this is rigged? I'm envisioning a couple of options. Does it spiral the rope the way a fig 8 does?

1 year ago

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