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Recent Synthetic Insulated Pant Reviews

Patagonia Nano Puff Pants

rated 4 of 5 stars Warm and comfortable in action or at rest, these pants bring the insulation and packability expected from the Nano Puff line. A well-tailored fit and the ability to breathe well allows for active use in lower temps yet the puffy synthetic insulation protects against wind and cold even at rest. These pants would be a great addition for anyone looking for packable insulation for the lower half. Peakbaggers or thru hikers wanting easy to carry wind pants with insulation or fishermen wanting insulation… Full review

Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pant

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Great winter coverover pants. Easy to put on/off. Would recommend to others. I purchased the Mt Hardwear Compressor Pants as overpants for use while climbing in Alaska. They performed well and would recommend them to others. I have since used them on multi-day backcounty ski trips where the temps were dipping below 0 at night. These pants have full length zips so it is easy to put them on and take off. They are insulated so the added warmth is great on cold night. No need to take off your climbing… Full review

Marmot Ridgewood Insulated Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars Nice. These seem to have been eliminated from the lineup, so get a pair while you can. Very good for winter hiking if the snow isn't too deep as they get good air ventilation from the open cuffs to keep legs from getting sweaty. Very soft finish and comfortable. Not too hot with temps at 50-60° either. Full review

Eddie Bauer Men's First Ascent Igniter Pants

rated 5 of 5 stars Warm, easy to ventilate pants. They are made of synthetic insulation and will keep you warm even if you sweat. Full zippers make it easy to vent and put on gear even after the pants are on. Fit is true to size, these are comfortable pants with adjustable waist and a full zipper.  The full zipper allows you to ventilate easily if you get too hot. The zippers can also work from either end, which allows you to zip down from the waist, or up away from your boot to change footwear, add a harness easily,… Full review

Arc'teryx Atom LT Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars Every bit as good as the jacket, packs down even smaller. Enough has been said about the Atom LT Jacket and as soon as I became acquainted with how amazing it is, I picked up the pants. The combo went with me on a 4-night survival training course recently (Haley Strategic Partners Summer Mountain Problem Solver). We all slept in pine-bough shelters down to 45 degree rain so pretty much everybody was cold . . . except me.  I don't think my shelter was so far superior to everyone else's, I think… Full review

Patagonia Micro Puff Pants

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Heaters. these are shell pants with synthetic insulation, Primaloft or some equivalent. they have a fairly loose fit. the waist adjusts via velcro tabs at each hip. they zip all the way up and down the side of each leg, so they are very easy to take off and put on. for me, these pants are too warm for any extended/strenuous use unless it's truly arctic outside. they are fabulous for standing still or being around camp when it's cold, or putting on if you have an extended stop. they are lightweight… Full review

Cabela's Guidewear X300 Insulated Bibs

rated 5 of 5 stars Cabelas's field-proven Guidewear fabric is backed by a GORE-TEX membrane for 100% reliable waterproof, breathable protection and enhanced all-day comfort. I am taking em with me whenever I go out to my mountaineering ventures. I tried em up to 5000+ meters with amazing results without even wearing any additional thermal underlayer. My legs were always dry and cozy no matter what kind of conditions I was in. They are a bit heavy compared to down pants, but I personally do not mind a little extra… Full review

Eddie Bauer Women's First Ascent Igniter Pants

rated 3 of 5 stars I just acquired these, and agree about the fit in terms of leg girth. I have three different models of FA pants. The ski bibs, the mountain guide softshell pants, and the Igniter Pants. All claim to have the same sort of fit, but the bibs have a huge amount of space in the upper leg area, while the fit is similar in the igniter pants, but the softshell pants fit perfectly. I would have expected the Igniter Pants to have fit snugly, using the insulation to fill the space. Full review

Eddie Bauer Men's First Ascent Igniter Pants

rated 2.5 of 5 stars First Ascent's Primaloft insulated pants. I purchased these to use for extremely cold hiking and climbing days, and also to use around camp and minimalist sleeping in cold weather. These pants turned out to be quite disappointing. The insulating value of the pants was OK and they worked OK for staying warm, but the insulation was definitely on the thin side. The fit of the pants was not good. First Ascent has only one length of pant - - which I'd call pretty long - - and jumps the waist size from… Full review

Top-Rated Synthetic Insulated Pants

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686 Authentic Misty Pant
686 Authentic Prospect Pant
686 Authentic Ridge Pant
686 LTD Destructed Denim Pant
686 Mannual Brandy Pant
686 Mannual Ridge Pant
686 Snaggle Sister Pant
Adidas Winter Lined CPS Pant
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Arc'teryx Atom LT Pant
$130 - $188
Arc'teryx Kappa Pant
$260 - $299
Arc'teryx Mako Pant
$499 MSRP
Arc'teryx Mirrex Pant
$249 - $398
Arc'teryx Moray Pant
$499 MSRP
Arc'teryx Morra Pant
$374 - $498
Black Diamond Stance Belay Pants
Brooks-Range Cirro Pants
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Cabela's Guidewear X300 Insulated Bibs
Carhartt Kalkaska Bib Overall
Carhartt Quick Duck Jefferson Bib Overalls
Columbia Bugaboo II Pant
$63 - $115
Columbia Crash Out Bib
Columbia Double Trouble Pant
$24 - $44
Columbia Glacier Slope Bib
Columbia High Volt Pant
Columbia Millennium Blur Pant
$140 - $200
Columbia Ryder Warmth Pant
Columbia Snow Slope Bib
Columbia Star Lit Ridge Pant
Columbia Starchaser Peak II Pant
Columbia Starchaser Peak Pant
user rating: 3.5 of 5 (3)
Eddie Bauer First Ascent Igniter Pants
$149 MSRP
Eider Alta Badia Pant
$90 - $143
Eider La Molina Pant
Eider Manhattan Pant
$130 - $143
EMS Insulated Fencemender Pants
EMS Mountain Insulated Pants
Fjallraven Vidda Padded Trouser
$105 - $119
Flylow Gear Snowman Pant
$100 - $119
GoLite Castle Peak Zonal Insulated Ski Pant
Helly Hansen Epic Pant
Helly Hansen Legacy Pant
Helly Hansen Legendary Pant
$120 - $199
Helly Hansen Rider INS Bib
$59 - $99
Helly Hansen Switch Cargo Pant
$160 - $199
Isis Insulated Snow Pant
L.L.Bean Glacier Summit Waterproof Pants
L.L.Bean Mogul Jumper Bibs
L.L.Bean Mogul Jumper Pants
L.L.Bean North Ridge Sport Pants
L.L.Bean Snowfield Bibs
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