Werner Sherpa

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Lead the pack down the river with your favorite creeker boat and the Werner Sherpa Fiberglass Straight Shaft 4-Piece Paddle. Fiberglass keeps the paddle light on your palms, not to mention your arms and shoulders. Mid-sized blades please petite and plus-size paddlers, creating a smooth, powerful catch with every stroke. With this durable and balanced paddle, you'll be able to navigate your crossover craft through a rock garden or a tranquil lake in comfort, from first stroke to last. Fiberglass from tip to tip makes this paddle strong and stiff, unlike your upper lip when the trash talk starts to fly. From newbies to old hands, the straight shaft puts the paddle at east in your hand and keeps the bills in your wallet, since you'll want to celebrate a successful ride with a few beers. Hitting the river during the peak of spring off-run rocks, but also hides rocks. The fiberglass blades won't finish the trip chipped even if you do hit a few rocks. The right-handed feather might throw south-paws for a loop at first, but within a stroke all paddlers will master the 30-degree angle. With 680 square centimeters of blade to guide through the water and the air, you won't stall out mid-stroke whether the water is glass or choppy. Four-piece construction makes the Sherpa simple to tote if you're heading to Thailand for an foreign river foray. The four available lengths make it easy for paddlers to dial in a good fit so stroke power isn't wasted. The mid-range blade size takes to raging rivers as well as gently lapping lakes, so you can keep the kayak clutter in your garage to the minimum. - Backcountry.com