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Alaska 75

rated 5 of 5 stars Ultimate off-trail x-country boot. I have been an avid nordic skier for more than 30 years. My everyday skiing is off-trail x-country through rolling terrain (with the occasional steep climb and decent). Although I appreciate 75mm telemark equipment when I truly need it; I find it agonizingly inefficient compared to NNNBC for most of the skiing I do. Recently I have struggled to find the perfect boot. I have tried the Rossi BC line; like it; but not enough support. I have been using the Fischer… Full review

Lite Terrain

rated 3.5 of 5 stars For a lightweight, high mountain setup this bridges the gap between off-track ski touring and AT setups. Great for spring high mountain touring. Alpina ski review: I bought the Alpina Lite Terrain Skis in 2010 for an intended trip on the Sierra Haute Route. This is an ambitious route through the high Sierra with much of it over 11,000 feet, several 13,000' passes, and a long (8 mile) approach hike. Usually AT gear is recommended but I wanted a lighter set up and was willing to sacrifice some downhill… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars A decent out your back door, State park type ski for a little deeper snow. I saw these on the Internet as a shop display model, unused but with mounting holes. I enjoyed my Alpina Trackers, so I decided that maybe a backup pair of cheap, wider skis might be worthwhile for larger snow dumps and for when I am in state parks and remote out-the-back-door trips. I haven't used them yet, and will update when I do. They share good build quality with the Alpina Trackers I already have, with the same sturdy… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars I bought these after renting them several times at Windblown Cross Country center in New Hampshire. This has 60 km of trails and 2,000' of vertical and a lot of backcountry runs. I wish I had rented these more often during my first few years. I took these through everything—set track, fresh powder, single track with fresh snow, across a frozen pond with 8" of fresh snow—and it handled everything. I bought these as a "do everything" ski. They are well-made and survived my abuse with no ill effects. Full review

BC 1550

rated 3 of 5 stars I bought these while looking to put a quiver together. They are a well-made and nice-looking boot with a high volume interior. This is why I could not make them work. If you have a wider, thicker foot these may be perfect for you. I found them to be too voluminous for my foot and found the Rossignol and Fischer to fit much closer and tighter.   Full review

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