Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12

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Simpler to use than the original version, the new Vipec 12 builds on the success of the first backcountry binding to combine low weight of a tech binding with DIN safety release of an alpine binding.


Built for rugged ski mountaineering ascents and bomber freeride descents, the Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 Binding is an evolution of the world's first alpine touring binding to combine the lightweight pin system of a tech binding with the standardized safety release capabilities of an alpine binding. The result is a binding that provides both lightweight touring functionality and maximum alpine-style power transmission. The Vipec easily switches between walk and ski modes without the need to step out of the binding, and its toe piece features micro-adjustable width wings to accommodate the wide variety of tech insert styles on the market.A favorite of avalanche professionals, the Vipec features a two-stage heel riser, allowing for three different easily adjustable configurations depending on the grade of terrain. This binding's pre-defined safety release capabilities utilize a gliding heel piece with dynamic travel for consistent contact pressure and reliable release. Lateral, frontal, and defined release capable, the Vipec is built to be powerfully stable while still providing a safe ride.


For lightweight touring and power transmission, the Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 AT Tech Bindings from Black Diamond are a combination of a lightweight pin system and pre-defined safety release. Black Diamond The Diamir VIPEC 12 tech binding is the first toe-release and easy switch: a different league of safety and comfort| Compatible with all popular ski touring boots with corresponding inserts. Swiss Innovation: Fritschi's roots are in the mountains with their breathtaking peaks and valleys, rough and rugged, peaceful and lovely. This is where Fritschi is when they are not at work, outside, on skis, living their dream. This is the world where ideas are born from which Black Diamond ultimately develop patented inventions to build a solid foundation for innovative products. Swiss Engineering: At the foot of Blumlisalp, one of the most striking Alpine peaks in the Alps, a team of professional engineers and technicians works tirelessly with deep commitment and attention to detail on the development of technical innovations. Drawing from their own extensive know-how, they create unusual, perfectly designed products of excellence. All components are made in Switzerland of high-tech synthetic materials and top-of-the-line light metals by Black Diamond's specialized suppliers. Advantages compared to conventional pin bindings: Safety release in uphill mode; Easiest to switch from walk mode to downhill mode; Easiest adjustment of walk mode levels; Maximum power transmission, including in the heel; Crampons with adjustable penetration depth. As a result of the broad support and maximum stability of the system, the power is transmitted very directly from the boot to the ski. The optimally selected arrangement of the mounting screws for the torsion-resistant toe housing provides extensive support to the system. The precision with which the stable heel housing is controlled on a torsion-resistant plate mounted directly on the ski also achieves maximum power transmission in the heel part (without rotation, unlike other systems). Trendsetting SAFETY PIN TECH: Similar to modern release systems of alpine bindings, lateral release is based on automatic toe release and performs In terms of user comfort of pin bindings, the Vipec 12 binding with the Easy Switch Concept is playing in a different league. Broad support and maximum system stability ensure direct power transmission. A sophisticated mechanism in the crampon also achieves the seemingly impossible with a consistent traction depth in all walk mode levels. Similar to the Diamir SAFETY ALUBAR SYSTEM, the SAFETY PIN SYSTEM also includes a dynamic range. The boot is not released until the dynamic range of 11 mm and the preset restoring force have been exceeded. As a result, the binding will only release when absolutely necessary. This is an important safety feature, especially in uneven terrain. To step in, set the Easy Switch Toe to the STEP IN position and the Easy Switch Heel to the SKI position. Simply move the tip of the boot forward over the step-in bracket in the toe unit and engage the toe pin units. The Easy Switch Toe is automatically set to the downhill position. Then engage the boot with the heel insert via the heel pins. With a ski pole, the Easy Switch Toe can be conveniently set to the step-in position (bottom). The toe pin units will open and release the boot. With a ski pole, the Easy Switch Toe and the Easy Switch Heel it is very easy to switch between downhill and uphill mode. The system can be set to the uphill mode in two easy steps:. 1. With the Easy Switch Toe in the WALK position, the tip of the boot is additionally stabilized laterally in the toe unit. 2. With the Easy Switch Heel in the WALK position the heel is released to allow walking. It doesn't get any easier. Lift the boot slightly above the heel pins, set the Easy Switch Heel to the SKI position and engage the boot with the heel insert via the heel pins. Then set the Easy Switch Toe to the SKI position. Go faster and lighter, stay safer and ski more powder with the Diamir Fritschi Vipec Bindings!. Medium-95mm Brake, Large-108mm Brake, XL-120mm Brake. DIN 5-12. Ski width > 67mm. Weight 470 g / unit without ski brake. Free heel - no moving weight in uphill mode. Light weight. Lower standing position. Two binding systems - one brand. Available Color(s): Black/White

- Tahoe Mountain Sports

The Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 Ski Binding with Brake is the first alpine touring binding to fuse the lightweight performance of a tech binding with the pre-defined release benefits of an alpine binding. The adjustable toe release features a defined front lateral release in both ski and walk mode for skiing and avalanche safety while the heelpiece engages quickly and intuitively, offers three heights, and moves dynamically as the ski flexes to maintain constant pressure and reliable release. The Vipec merges Swiss quality with technical elements gleaned from industry-leading designs to deliver a streamlined package that's light enough for touring while still delivering max power transmission.

- Mountain Gear

The Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 binding crampons take annoyance out of sketchy traverses or icy up-tracks. Made from lightweight aluminum, the Vipec ski crampons come in two widths - 95mm and 120mm. Adjustable penetration depth Adequate penetration for each climbing bar height

- OMCgear