Dynafit Beast 16

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Built for freeride skiers who want to reach the summit and top it off with an aggressive line down the face, Dynafit Beast 16 randonee bindings with 120mm brakes deliver top backcountry performance.


The limited-edition Dynafit Beast 16 Binding is a big-mountain Tech (TLT) binding with the heart of an Alaskan-born steeps-slayer and the legs of a purebred alpinist. Dynafit designer Fredrik Andersson and professional skier Eric Hjorleifson created and refined this mold-shattering monster, and the touch of two pros shows through in spades. Just like Dynafit's other Tech bindings, the Beast features a frameless design that makes every stride silky smooth when you're touring so there's no lifted weight or awkward toe pivot point, just fluid forward motion. The Beast is beefier than almost any other Dynafit binding, but it's also lighter than most other touring bindings that offer a release value up to 16. Dynafit broke the mold when it created the Limited-Edition Beast 16 Binding. Previously it was assumed that something had to give when you combined the security of a high-release value Tech binding and the security of a rotating toepiecethankfully it appears that Dynafit believed otherwise. Mated with a touring or powder ski, this is a binding that won't waste an ounce of your energy on the way up, and it'll allow you to push as hard as you want on the way down. That's because the toepiece offers 12 degrees of horizontal rotation to help prevent injury during a forward-twisting fall, the binding platform is wide and low to create a responsive boot-to-ski connection, and the entire binding features improved flexibility to prevent premature ejection in rough conditions. A quick step into the toepiece causes a pair of Tech bindings to engage the Tech fittings on the toe of your boot, and an easy stop of the heel engages a four-point heel retention system. In contrast to the dual-pin design of a traditional Tech binding, the Beast features extra-wide, teardrop-shaped heel pins and a pair of fangs that close down on the boot bail. With just a flip of a lever at the toe and the engagement of the first level of heel riser, you can switch from ski to walk mode. Just lik...

- Backcountry.com

The Dynafit Beast Binding can ONLY be purchased instore or over the phone because a heel piece needs to be installed on the boot Please call with any questions 3032719382Together with Dynafits design technician Frederick Anderson and Eric Hoji Hjorfeifson the BEAST was born A limited edition binding that combines all the attributes of a traditional frameless alpine binding and a near 30year history of Dynafits award winning free pivot design The BEAST is the worlds first DIN 16 binding with uncompromised torsional rigidity rotatingtracking toe piece Patent Pending and a 6 ramp angel for an aggressive alpine connectionFeatures Perfectly complemented release mechanisms for toe and heel units Rotatingtoe piece for ideally combating premature release caused by sudden impacts Patent pending New revolutionary design and setup for rear pivot points enable extra vertical movement thus increasing the release path to 10mm from 4 mm Patentpending This design allows increased energy absorption through greater elasticity when performing dynamic actions eg jumps Patent pending Binding entry achieved by pressing the heel down with controlled force Entry force is therefore low whatever the setting DIN range 616 providing convenient entry in deep snow with higher DIN values Patent pending Ultralow binding height ensuring flattoski contact for boot DYNAFIT Vulcan rear 23mm front 17mm Low forwardlean angle between front of foot toe and heel rear provides an extremely stable and smooth ride minimal ramp angle New specially designed bootheel insert for maximum force absorption even at DIN 16 plus optimum power transfer between binding and boot Patentpending System with outstanding torsional rigidity due to boots 4 attachment points Patent pending 23 17 ramp angel Extrawide binding baseplate as well as borehole template designed in line with maximum norm dimensions This design is specially made for broad shovel skis with a minimum central width of 80mm NO lifted weight during ascent thanks to frameless construction Worlds first frameless ski touring binding with up to DIN 16 Maximum stride thanks to traditional DYNAFIT pivot point EASILY THE LIGHTEST SYSTEM AROUND with DIN release up to 16

- Bentgate.com

The frameless Beast 16 Ski Binding brings Dynafit's magical ascent-conquering recipe to the serious, freeriding masses. With a 6 to 16 DIN rating and minimal ramping & stack height, you can boldly go where others dare not, and then go back again and again. This lightweight binding is a backcountry wonder that will rip up any alpine route you find. The Beast is available to us in limited numbers. When it's gone, it's gone. And because of its unique design, we modify your boots with a fortified heel bail for increased lateral strength.

- Mountain Gear

Dynafit's expansion of beefy side-country boots and skis continues, and now they have a binding that can handle them. The new Dynafit Beast 16 AT binding is an obvious move to pick up big mountain and mainstream skiers looking for more freeride performance than the standard Dynafit bindings. The Beast is also the lightest (935g each (1870g pair); 2 lb 1 oz each (4 lb 2 oz pair) DIN 16 rated binding, in the world, which makes it appeal to a lot of side and backcountry skiers. Lateral toe release and elastic retention is a big reason to buy the Beast, and get the full-feature safety of a traditional alpine binding. Rotating toe piece for ideally combating premature release caused by sudden impacts Revolutionary design and setup for rear pivot points enable extra vertical movement thus increasing the release path/ release value/tech gap (to 10mm from 4mm) Low forward-lean angle between front of foot (toe) and heel (rear) provides an extremely stable and smooth ride =minimal ramp angle No lifted weight during ascent thanks to the frameless construction

- OMCgear