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Built for freeride skiers who want to reach the summit of a backcountry peak and top it off with an aggressive line down, the Beast 16 randonee bindings with 120mm-wide brakes deliver top performance.


In the ski world there's an irresistible push to go bigger, faster, and harder, along with the desire to venture deeper and deeper off the beaten track in search of big lines and fresh snow. The quest for bigger and more remote lines requires more and more specialized equipment, and last year Dynafit lauched the Beast Binding as a serious weapon for freeskiers set on taking their talents to the backcountry. This year, the Beast is back, with a few tweaks that make it tougher, safer, and more reliable than last year's initial offers. The biggest difference is in the toe. While the new 14-release-value version features a toe cribbed from the Dynafit Radical, the 16's toe mechanism is quite similar to that of the original Beast--basically a beefed-up version of the classic tech toe. The hike-mode locking mechanism is unchanged, but the whole package has been mounted on a rotating baseplate, giving you more elasticity and retention than you'd get from a classic Radical. When you engage the ski/hike lever, it also locks the baseplate in place for easy and movement-free skinning. Apart from that, it's totally recognizable--four springs, two pins, and plenty of friction-free climbing movement. While the change might be most noticeable in the front, don't think for a second that Dynafit didn't improve the heel, too. It's been mounted on rails, letting it move slightly to accommodate ski flex, improve retention, and give you a more supple, less chattery ride than you'd expect from a tech binding. Spring-loaded pins provide a super-solid connection to the horseshoe heel insert (like last year, boots will need to be retrofitted to work with the Beast). Dual climbing risers give you the ramp angle you need to cruise up steep slopes. When the lower riser is in place, hard heel pressure will lock the brakes in a retracted position to prevent drag, but they'll snap back into place if you release on the way down. If you're that dude who's humping up 3,000-foot lines and hittin...

- Backcountry.com

The highly anticipated, multiple award-winning Dynafit Beast 16 freeride touring binding has arrived!. Developed for ultimate free ski touring performance, the Dynafit Beast 16 Touring Binding is a highly functional binding with a new heel insert for stability, and increased energy absorption. Wide ski dimensions, ski boots with maximum torsional rigidity and an aggressive skiing style take on long, demanding slopes with the best possible ascent performance capabilities regarding stride length and lifted weight. When it comes to providing the lightest product with maximum durability alongside optimum comfort on the ascent, look no further than the Dynafit development team - it's at the heart of what they do, and their guiding principle is to "make a freeride-touring binding out of little more than nothing". For freeride tourers who reach the summit and then top it off by skiing down the face. Especially for no-fall terrain, Dynafit bindings are the most commonly used and proven system on the world's ultra-steep slopes. Working together with extreme skiers has also produced constant improvements in every detail. It's a system developed by freeriders, for freeriders. *The Beast 16 requires a modification of the boots and installation of Power Heel Inserts (included) that lock in the heel from above, increasing stiffness and power transmission (fits all boots with tech-inserts from all brands). If you're into fast and light ascents without having to "take her easy" on the downhill, step into a pair of Dynafit Beast bindings. Weight: 935 g / 2.06 lb. Field of use: Freeride Touring. Available Color(s): Black/Gold

- Tahoe Mountain Sports

Freeride tourers who reach the summit and then top it off by skiing down the face have always instinctively turned to Dynafit binding systems. Especially for no-fall terrain, the Dynafit Beast is one of the most commonly used and proven binding systems on the world's ultra-steep slopes. Working together with extreme skiers has also produced constant improvements in every detail. It's a system developed by freeriders, for freeriders.

- Mountain Gear

The Dynafit Beast Binding can ONLY be purchased instore or over the phone because a heel piece needs to be installed on the boot Please call with any questions 3032719382Together with Dynafits design technician Frederick Anderson and Eric Hoji Hjorfeifson the BEAST was born A limited edition binding that combines all the attributes of a traditional frameless alpine binding and a near 30year history of Dynafits award winning free pivot design The BEAST is the worlds first DIN 16 binding with uncompromised torsional rigidity rotatingtracking toe piece Patent Pending and a 6 ramp angel for an aggressive alpine connectionFeatures Perfectly complemented release mechanisms for toe and heel units Rotatingtoe piece for ideally combating premature release caused by sudden impacts Patent pending New revolutionary design and setup for rear pivot points enable extra vertical movement thus increasing the release path to 10mm from 4 mm Patentpending This design allows increased energy absorption through greater elasticity when performing dynamic actions eg jumps Patent pending Binding entry achieved by pressing the heel down with controlled force Entry force is therefore low whatever the setting DIN range 616 providing convenient entry in deep snow with higher DIN values Patent pending Ultralow binding height ensuring flattoski contact for boot DYNAFIT Vulcan rear 23mm front 17mm Low forwardlean angle between front of foot toe and heel rear provides an extremely stable and smooth ride minimal ramp angle New specially designed bootheel insert for maximum force absorption even at DIN 16 plus optimum power transfer between binding and boot Patentpending System with outstanding torsional rigidity due to boots 4 attachment points Patent pending 23 17 ramp angel Extrawide binding baseplate as well as borehole template designed in line with maximum norm dimensions This design is specially made for broad shovel skis with a minimum central width of 80mm NO lifted weight during ascent thanks to frameless construction Worlds first frameless ski touring binding with up to DIN 16 Maximum stride thanks to traditional DYNAFIT pivot point EASILY THE LIGHTEST SYSTEM AROUND with DIN release up to 16

- Bentgate.com