Granite Gear Stratus Flatbed


Weight 5 lb 4 oz / 2.38 kg



Looks unsafe and hopefully comes with real warning.

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Looks unsafe and hopefully comes with real warning. Chainsaw would have to be TOTALLY cold to transport, otherwise hot exhaust on saw would likely melt nylon under it, especially that FUEL container shown in photo and blow up! For practical trail clearing use, this saw pack looks not the choice for cutting one to two limbs, a tree blown down across a trail and moving on.


  • Looks cool.


  • Not practical for trail clearing on a hiking trail.

That is a neat $359+ plus chainsaw pack you sent a link too...a great looking pack, but not quite practical nor safe for our use. 

On the PMT we often have to stop, take out/off the saw, make one or two cuts and keep moving. See for our use on the PMT the ones brother Eddie has and mine (I made from a former nylon Boy Scouts pack I bought at a yardsale for $3) are just fine.

Now the one MAJOR safety drawback on the Stratus chainsaw backpack is not just the cost ($359) but that it is designed such that you can ONLY transport a totally cold chainsaw! With that Stratus pack, if you didn't let it cool You'd likely blow yourself up....the hot exhaust port on the front of a Stihl saw (a Husky in the ad) would melt anything nylon nearby and likely through the plastic fuel container shown in the photo. We use RED MSR aluminum fuel containers too.

I took a large "waist pack" and have it strapped to the top of my frame (holds oil, first aid kit, water/snacks, TP, saw tool and extra chain and such.) There is an "air space" between pack and saw exhaust. There is a nylon mesh bag that holds the bottom of the saw (with a lower center of gravity near your shoulders) and a quick clip strap holds bar in place. Two belts unclipped and I can have the saw off and ready to use.

We could purchase a newer frame, but so far our current ones do serve well.. Especially for what we not have in them money wise. Stratus pack $359 "Jim pack......$3"

Family Guy

Let me get this straight. You are reviewing a pack that you have NEVER USED?

3 years ago

Well, of course you would cool a chainsaw off before you stick on or in a pack. I have several friends who use the Flatbed for hunting - it is ideal for hauling large loads of game meat; they've used them for deer & goat hunting on Kodiak Island and elk hunting on Afognak Island. I prefer the Kifaru LongHunter for such loads (strapping on game bags, outboard motors, chain saws, etc.)

3 years ago
Jim Hall

Family Guy.....You are correct, I have never used the pack (Stratus)...I base

3 years ago
Jim Hall

I based my review on the Stratus with the fact it was shown as being used as a chain saw pack. No Rockets didn't quite read my review with one main point I made.....The pack while it may good for heavy loads....and likely transporting a chainsaw....BUT actually walking and working on a trail (either of you ever carried a chain saw a couple miles?) you often as I noted in my review (especially on our trail) we see/come up on a small blown down tree (say 6-8") waist high on the trail. You stop, get the saw off the pack, make two cuts min., and load back up and move on. We don't have time to wait for the saw to cool off Norockets. By the way, I have a lot of time behind a chainsaw. Our trail got hit by a tornado in seven places for a total of 24,500' ( see Tornado at our Pine Mountain Trail website) last year. I organized and worked 13 volunteer workdays (with lot of help) and it took 1950 man hours to clear the trails. Personally I have carried a chain saw many a mile and believe me, cut and move on was what we did at the end of our clearing but at first (right after the tornado hit) I had one crew of 12 and it took 4 hours to clear just over 100' of trail it was so tangled with 2'+ oaks, hickories, poplars and pines.

3 years ago

Granite Gear Stratus Flatbed


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