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Speed 4

rated 5 of 5 stars Super for long road runs. This is a great pack for long road runs. It holds your ID, a gel or two, and 4 (8) ounce flasks. I think there is a real advantage to having 4 small flasks than one large 220z water bottle on your back. The weight distributes evenly and allows for better movement. Full review

Trail Mix

rated 5 of 5 stars Great little running pack This is a great little running pack. The rear pocket holds a headlamp, wallet, gel and keys and yes, there is little bounce. There is something to be said for carrying water in two or four 10oz bottles distributed around the hips instead of a 20oz in one spot. The bottles are easy to get in and out of the holders and you can lash gloves and hats on the side. Full review

Stainless Steel 700 ML Bottle Silicon Sleeve

I liked the bottle when I first got it. After about a month of use it started to 'spit' water from the straw, much like a fountain. It leaks around the base of the straw when it is closed, fountains out like a geyser when the straw is flipped open. There are times when the bottle has sat with the straw open for some time and all of a sudden water geyers out the top. It has spit all over my desk, on the keypad of my laptop, all over the inside of my car. Spills water down my clothes, basically no… Full review

Elite 2V

rated 4 of 5 stars I run hilly, rocky, single-track trails in northern Kentucky. I'm a fairly experienced trail runner and have competed at distances up to 50 miles. I've been using the Nathan Elite 2V for over a year now, and am fairly pleased with it. It holds two 22-oz bottles at an angle just above my rear end where they don't interfere with arms swing. The belt also features two removable zippered pouches for gels, snacks, etc. The pouches are big enough to accommodate my hand-held GPS with the antenna sticking… Full review

water bottle carrier

rated 0.5 of 5 stars This product, which says "Nathan" on it, is a belted blue holder for bottled water (to be worn around the waist) given to me as a gift about 5 years ago. It had not been used since last season. We keep it indoors in a closet, with all of our camping gear. When I got it out to take camping this weekend, I found the webbing -- that attaches the water bottle holder to the belt -- was in the process of turning into black slime. My fingers were covered with a slippery black goo from touching the webbing. Full review

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