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Recent Nordic Touring Gear Reviews

Alpina Women's BC 1550

rated 2 of 5 stars Warm boot, but the toe box collapsed putting pressure on the top of my right toes at each stride. I am currently shopping for a new boot due to the discomfort of these boots in the toe area. Full review

Alpina Women's BC 1550

rated 2 of 5 stars Nice looking sturdy XC boot that is well lined and great for cold weather, but with a MAJOR problem. Be sure to try on and talk to an expert before buying these; they possible have a defective design flaw. I am so happy to see another review on this site explaining the EXACT problem I have with these boots. After about five trips; perhaps 4-7 miles, the toe box collapses right at the break where the laces end and the firm toe area starts. I keep trying different socks, snugging up the fit, but no… Full review

Alpina Alaska 75

rated 5 of 5 stars Good value for money. Good overall boots for rolling in fells. Bought these boots to replace 20-year-old Asolo telemark boots. My usage is around 75% of skiing and 25% of downhill so the flex is perfect for my rolling in nearby fells. Now after <100 km of skiing these boots are breaking in properly. Heel keeps in place quite well after switching to waxed laces instead of cotton ones. Coldest temperature of using these boots has been around -10° Celsius and no frostbites with one liner sock. Full review

Alpina Men's T10

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Good quality and insulation with decent ankle support. I have been using this boot for classic Nordic skiing during the last 6 years. I wanted to try the sport and found this boots to be a good deal with a set of used skis and I have been hooked since then. This is a well made entry level boot with a good amount of insulation and sturdy sidewalls to protect your feet against packed/ice snow that can rub against your feet. I have used them in groom tracks and in open country and they always perform… Full review

Alpina Men's BC 1550

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Good while they lasted. I bought these as part of a package with some Atomic Sierra skis. After about six medium length (e.g. 6-10 mile) trips, the toe boxes collapsed, causing an unbearable rubbing across the tops of all of my toes and causing severe pain and blisters. They still look almost like new, but are now unwearable. Full review

Salomon Siam 7 Pilot CF

rated 5 of 5 stars These are warm, easy-to-use cross country ski boots for women. Simple design and comfortable to wear all day. I love the Quicklaces for getting on the trail quickly. Durability: I bought these very lightly used and wore them all season (2 - 4 days every week we had enough snow). They've held up great so far. Warmth: Oh Thinsulate, you get me. The salesman told me that Salomon recognized that women's feet get cold quicker than men's, so they made these extra warm. I can't say that while I had them… Full review

Salomon Snowscape 7

rated 5 of 5 stars These are the perfect beginner's skis. They're durable without being too heavy. They slide well and you don't have to worry about waxing (time and money saving). They're good for several different skiing situations. This was really my first season skiing. In the past I've rented skis for the once or twice I would go out in a year. These skis do resemble those that many places may rent.  They're very easy to use. Waxless: One less thing to learn when you're just starting out. Good Balance: Slightly… Full review

Altai Skis Hok

rated 4 of 5 stars True to their description, these are a cross between x-country skis and snowshoes and just might be the right choice for many for winter travel in the front and backcountry. I rented a pair if these from a local shop to give a whirl. I rented 125's that were mounted with BC NNN bindings, I happened to have a pair of boots that worked so off I went. They were easy to maneuver with, they climb nicely, and on the way out I shaved a lot of time off versus snowshoeing.   I did go down a couple a couple… Full review

Fischer BCX 6

rated 4 of 5 stars Nicely-made, burly construction with best-of-class NNN-BC torsional rigidity and ankle support. But made for big feet and ankles only, and the four steps involved in putting these on and taking them off could get tiring (and difficult to do on-trail). These are the nicest-made and burliest "new school" NNN-BC boots I've seen. They have great torsional rigidity and the exoskeleton actually provides superior ankle support (vs. the burly all-leather Alpina Alaska), which I can't say is the case for… Full review

Top-Rated Nordic Touring Gear

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Swix Touring Basket Nordic Touring Pole
Alpina ST Jr. Nordic Touring Pole
Alpina ASC ST Regular Nordic Touring Pole
Salomon Escape Nordic Touring Pole
Alpina Tour 75MM Cross Country Ski Binding Nordic Touring Binding
Salomon Active Ski Pole Nordic Touring Pole
$22 - $41
Fischer Offtrack Pole Nordic Touring Pole
$23 - $50
Rossignol XT 701 Nordic Touring Pole
L.L.Bean Snowflake Poles Nordic Touring Pole
Swix Touring Ski Pole Nordic Touring Pole
Atomic Motion Lite Nordic Touring Pole
Salomon SNS Profil Auto Junior Nordic Touring Binding
Alpina XT Nordic Touring Pole
$28 - $39
Fischer Cruiser My Style Ski Pole Nordic Touring Pole
$28 - $50
Swix BC Tour XC Nordic Touring Pole
Fischer XC Sport Pole Nordic Touring Pole
Rossignol XT 700 Nordic Touring Pole
$30 - $34
Swix Classic Standard Pole Nordic Touring Pole
$30 - $44
Rottefella Exercise Binding Nordic Touring Binding
Rottefella Start Nordic Touring Binding
Salomon Equipe 20 Carbon Nordic Touring Pole
Swix Classic Nordic w/ TR400 XC Ski Poles Nordic Touring Pole
$38 - $39
Rossignol XT 500 Nordic Touring Pole
L.L.Bean Touring Ski Poles Nordic Touring Pole
Rottefella NNN Basic Nordic Touring Binding
Salomon XADV Escape Pole Nordic Touring Pole
Rottefella NNN Touring Auto Nordic Touring Binding
$42 - $50
Alpina T5 Tour Boot Nordic Touring Boot
Swix Pro Fit Strap Nordic Touring Pole
Alpina NNN Dino Jr. Nordic Touring Binding
Alpina BC 1560 Nordic Touring Boot
Rossignol X-1 Junior Nordic Touring Boot
$48 - $80
Atomic Pro 60 Nordic Touring Pole
Fischer XJ Sprint Nordic Touring Boot
$49 - $69
Swix Elite X-Fit Ski Poles Nordic Touring Pole
Salomon Prolink Access Nordic Touring Binding
Atomic Sport Junior Nordic Touring Boot
Alpina Blazer Nordic Touring Boot
$52 - $69
Salomon Vitane Equipe Nordic Touring Pole
Salomon Equipe 60 Carbon Nordic Touring Pole
Madshus Metis RPU Classic Boot Nordic Touring Boot
Fischer BCX Auto Nordic Touring Binding
$56 - $89
user rating: 4.5 of 5 (1)
Alpina T10 Nordic Touring Boot
$56 - $99
Swix RC Pro Cross-Country Nordic Touring Pole
Rossignol Overboot
Madshus Snowpup Nordic Touring Ski
Alpina T10 Eve Nordic Touring Boot
Salomon SNS Profil Auto Nordic Touring Binding
Rossignol F4 Skate NIS Nordic Touring Binding
$60 MSRP
Rossignol X1 Ultra FW Nordic Touring Boot
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