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Recent Nordic Touring Boot Reviews

Rossignol BC X-2

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Seems to be a good value so far. I got these boots as part of a X-C package purchased from L.L. Bean and I'm happy with the products I got. After changing the boot laces to round hiker type all is well. I'd recommend these boots to my friends. Full review

Salomon Active Pilot

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This XC boot performs all intermediate XC skiing duties with ease. The support for the boot is excellent allowing efficient movement and ski response. I like the construction of the boot for durability and warmth. It has a good seal for keeping the elements out. Good choice for beginner/intermediate level skill skier. Excellent boot for mid-level performance.   Full review

Rossignol Men's BC X6

rated 5 of 5 stars Great balance of warmth, support stiffness and waterproofness! A great do anything system boot to explore the backcountry or rip up the groomed cross-country centers. I needed a sturdy pair of backcountry skiing System boots to replace my two-year-old Fischer BC x6 boots that delaminated at the sole after only two years.  It would be a tall order since when first tried the Fischers were very warm and supportive and stiff enough to drive turns on medium width BC skis. As soon as I tired these on… Full review

Fischer BCX 6

rated 3.5 of 5 stars This is a great combination of support and flex in a Nordic touring boot, but has a few flaws. I am an outdoor guide and spend maybe 60-70 days a season in nordic boots. The old binding systems (75mm three pin) only last so long for me three to four seasons before the soles start to crack. The NNN-BC has been a great solution to this problem by replacing the sole flexion with a mechanical pivot point. This boot offers some of the support that used to be available only in the older top grain leather… Full review

Fischer BCX 6

rated 5 of 5 stars Used these for some cross-country skiing at Windblown XC center. It was the first time out this year and one of the few places skiable here yet. The boots were incredibly warm (it was 18 degrees) and the boots worked great. Good kick and glide and very comfortable. Also managed some powder across a lake and a few steep downhills. Boots are able to put a good amount of pressure on the skis and allow good turning. A VERY WARM and supportive boot that will allow you to focus on having fun making good… Full review

Fischer BCX 6

rated 5 of 5 stars After several outings in less-than-optimal boots, I found these. I originally planned on getting the Rossignol BC X-5 but could not find my size. I tried these on and loved them. They have a much sturdier design than the Rossignols. This will give you many more degrees of control over your skis then most other boots. Wear them with the power strap loose and if you hit a downhill just snug them up. Voted the best NNN BC boot and also the most warm of what's available. I cannot wait to try these out! Full review

Alpina Men's BC 1550

rated 3 of 5 stars I bought these while looking to put a quiver together. They are a well-made and nice-looking boot with a high volume interior. This is why I could not make them work. If you have a wider, thicker foot these may be perfect for you. I found them to be too voluminous for my foot and found the Rossignol and Fischer to fit much closer and tighter.   Full review

Rossignol Men's BC X5

rated 5 of 5 stars I rented these at REI after my first few rentals at an XC center. I found them to be a pretty good, forgiving BC boot for beginners and intermediate XC skiers. They are warmer than they appear and provide a decent mount to the ski. I used them with Fischer BC Country Crown skis and used them in both set tracks at a center and also off-track in a state park, following snowmobile trails, fire roads, old rail beds and singletrack. I used them in a fresh 8-inch dumping of snow and was out for 5+ hours. Full review

Rossignol BC X-2

rated 4 of 5 stars My friend skis these and she loves them. She paired them up with BC Auto bindings and Rossignol EVO Glade AR skis and does quite well with them in all conditions. I think if you're starting out and these fit you well you cannot go wrong. Another good one would be the next step up, the BC X-5. Full review