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Sawtooth Mid

rated 5 of 5 stars Fit, function, breathability, dryness, warmth? (yes, warmth.) Can't recommend these boots enough! Bought these after having Salomon, Keen, Merrell, and even Danner (still in the closet). While they were all good boots in their own right, none of them really fit well or covered all of my needs. My OBOZ seem to do it all! I have a narrow foot, even narrower heel, and these fit right out of the box. Support is exceptional, and the heel pocket seems to just grab my foot and hold it just snuggly enough. Full review

Luna Low

rated 4 of 5 stars Supportive and wear well. Fit and¬†Comfort:I purchased these shoes specifically because they have good arch support. They do, and I am very pleased with them in that regard. These are soft shoes, and do not require being broken in. One of my little toes starts to rub after a day or so, but I think that's my toe, not the shoes. They fit a bit better after I played with the lacing, dispensing with the extra middle loop for the laces at the toe. Support:Very good foot support. I have bad arches and… Full review

Sawtooth Mid

rated 5 of 5 stars I have hiked in these boots in the spring, summer, and fall and worn them with snowshoes in winter, and they have been comfortable in all these conditions. I have had them going on five years and they are still going strong. In the spring, fall, and winter conditions tend to be wet here on the west coast, and my feet stay warm and dry for up to several hours of cold, wet hiking. I highly recommend these boots. These boots fit my size 7.5-8 feet really well. I have a hard time finding boots that… Full review

Sawtooth Low

rated 4.5 of 5 stars An expensive shoe at full recommended retail, but after a couple of months wear in an appalling winter weather and waterlogged trails an excellent purchase. I walk 4/5 days per week on average on a variety of tracks and trails from river flats to steep hill country and except in clay muds (I use the term in advisedly) they are exceedingly good. This purchase was after much research and examination of the shoes available. I wanted a solid reliable quality shoe which would give long trail life on… Full review

Sawtooth Low BDry

rated 4 of 5 stars Good shoe. Hiked over 1000km in them in a year, but the waterproofing didn't last, the soles didn't last, but the comfort did. I purchased these shoes in 2015 to use for hiking in Newfoundland (I work at a national park) and then since I liked the shoes, in hiking the el Camino de Santiago in Portugal and Spain (my route was about 720km). They were comfortable on my foot from the day I got them. At first their waterproofing was good, but it didn't last long at all and now not a bit (even after having… Full review

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