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Recent Pant Reviews

Mountain Hardwear Men's Plasmic Pant

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Lightweight hard shell pants with excellent breathability in a variety of conditions. In all the years I've been exploring in the outdoors, I've never owned a pair of real rain pants. I have some fine softshell pants and wind pants, but never really owned a hardshell. With a thru-hike of the Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier on the horizon next summer, I knew it was time to start looking. I'm a big fan of eVent waterproof-breathable fabrics, and my REI eVent jacket is fantastic. Mountain Hardwear… Full review

RailRiders Men's Adventure Khaki

rated 5 of 5 stars A great pair of pants for traveling and light adventures, but still nice enough to wear into the office on Monday morning. Super comfy, unexpectedly tough, and quite stylish. The Adventure Khakis are the lightest pairs of pants I own. I have one in each color and I wear them several times a week. What I love about the Adventure Khaki is how lightweight and packable they are. You can crush em up, jam them in a bag, and pull them out hours/days later and they will be wrinkle free. They are super light… Full review

RailRiders Backcountry Khakis

rated 5 of 5 stars The choice for every adventure you can imagine. There are very few products that can so easily move from the trail to the street as well as these pants. I have taken mine, literally, from numerous backwater places all over the world.....then jumped onto a train, cab, or plane and was still considered respectable in every environment. With all of the benefits of style, quick-drying, tough-as-nails and proper fit..the choice for the ONE (or two) pair of pants for any and every adventure is so, so… Full review

MontBell Men's U.L. Down Inner Pants

rated 4.5 of 5 stars So warm and light, there's no reason to leave them at home! I was looking to extend my backpacking season beyond just summer, and wanted to add a warm lower layer to my kit. And in the never-ending quest to lighten my backpacking load, it also had to be lightweight. Having had a MontBell UL Inner Down Jacket for several years, and loving it, I naturally looked at this layer. When I found it on sale, I went for it. Even though I have short legs, the pants fit quite nicely, with elastic cuffs at the… Full review

White Sierra Men's Trail Convertible Pant

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Comfortable, fast drying nylon pants which can be converted to shorts by zipping off the legs. Reasonably priced, but fully functional. Great for all season trail use. I have one pair of these which I've used for four years and another pair purchased a few months ago. The original pants are still in fantastic condition despite a lot of hard use. I only purchased the new pair because I've gotten smaller over the years and the old ones are getting hard to keep up. The recently purchased pants have… Full review

Kuhl Radikl Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars Absolutely the best clothing item I've ever owned. Kuhl has outdone itself with these pants. The Radikl pants are hands down the best pair of pants I've ever encountered for outdoor wear. The elastic type fabric seen in the pants leg, crotch, and backside not only allows for air circulation but also permits a free range of movement unlike any other clothing item I've seen. Fabric has a stretchy feel but still presents a professional appearance that would allow for wear in a more business-like atmosphere. Full review

Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pant

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Great winter coverover pants. Easy to put on/off. Would recommend to others. I purchased the Mt Hardwear Compressor Pants as overpants for use while climbing in Alaska. They performed well and would recommend them to others. I have since used them on multi-day backcounty ski trips where the temps were dipping below 0 at night. These pants have full length zips so it is easy to put them on and take off. They are insulated so the added warmth is great on cold night. No need to take off your climbing… Full review

Patagonia Men's Alpine Guide Pants

rated 4 of 5 stars Super comfortable and pretty close to indestructible. Combine that with Patagonia's dedication to sustainability and these pants are almost perfect. Cost is the drawback. First, this pant is so durable that the belt, closure, zipper and elastic will all give out long before the material.  I've pitted it against decomposed granite, sharp objects, and the teeth on snowshoes without a hole or a snag.  Tough, tough, tough! This is a great softshell pant for alpine ventures and winter sports activities. Full review

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

rated 5 of 5 stars These pants are are very lightweight and durable. They are also very comfortable. These pants are great. I bought them for camping and hiking, but find myself wearing them on the regular. They are very lightweight and great for mildly warm conditions, but the material is also somewhat wind resistant and so that makes them OK for cooler situations as well.   They are also super durable. On a hike recently, I was getting caught in all kinds of thorns and I just plowed through and the pants don't… Full review

Top-Rated Pants

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Molehill Polar Pants Fleece Pant
Columbia Fast Trek II Pant Fleece Pant
NRS Pacific Capri Hiking Pant
Red Ledge Rainstop Pant Hard Shell Pant
The North Face Camp TNF Roll Up Pants Hiking Pant
$14 - $25
NRS KidSkin Pant Performance Pant/Tight
$15 - $47
REI Cascade Rain Pants Hard Shell Pant
$17 MSRP
Patagonia Baby Synchilla Pants Fleece Pant
Patagonia Summit Pants Hiking Pant
$18 - $49
Columbia Trail Adventure Pant Hard Shell Pant
$18 - $36
Red Ledge Acadia Pants Hard Shell Pant
$18 MSRP
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Roonwear Crawlers Pants
$19 MSRP
REI Lightweight Fleece Pants Fleece Pant
Patagonia Shortie Capris Hiking Pant
$20 - $31
Columbia Shelter Cove Pant Hard Shell Pant
L.L.Bean Discovery Rain Pants Hard Shell Pant
The North Face Glacier Pant Fleece Pant
$20 - $35
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
Columbia Silver Ridge II Convertible Pant Hiking Pant
EMS Serene Capris Performance Pant/Tight
The North Face Glacier Legging Fleece Pant
$20 - $35
Patagonia Baby Reversible Puff-Ball Pants Synthetic Insulated Pant
$21 - $69
EMS Coldsnap Microfleece Pants Fleece Pant
Moving Comfort Endurance Capri Performance Pant/Tight
$22 - $54
Columbia Silver Ridge Capri Hiking Pant
Columbia Mega Trail Capri Hiking Pant
$22 - $25
Pearl Izumi Aurora Low Rise Capri Performance Pant/Tight
Stoic Thrive Spark Tight Performance Pant/Tight
The North Face Kortana Convertible Pants Hiking Pant
SmartWool PhD Run 3/4 Tight Performance Pant/Tight
user rating: 3 of 5 (7)
REI Adventures Pants Hiking Pant
Marmot Catalyst 3/4 Reversible Tight Performance Pant/Tight
$24 - $59
Columbia Mega Trail Pant Hiking Pant
$25 - $28
White Sierra Baz AZ II Pant Fleece Pant
Helly Hansen Voss Pants Hard Shell Pant
White Sierra Trabagon Pant Hard Shell Pant
$25 - $30
L.L.Bean Trail Model Rain Pants Hard Shell Pant
$25 - $79
EMS Adirondack Pant Hiking Pant
$25 - $34
EMS Endo Pants Soft Shell Pant
Red Ledge Thunderlight Pant Hard Shell Pant
$25 - $29
Helly Hansen Voss Pant Hard Shell Pant
The North Face Infant Reversible Perrito Pant Synthetic Insulated Pant
$26 - $32
prAna Satori Legging Performance Pant/Tight
$26 - $74
REI Sahara Roll-Up Pants Hiking Pant
$35 - $69
The North Face Fave-Our-Ite Capri
White Sierra Insulated Bib Snowsport Pant
White Sierra Snow Bib Snowsport Pant
$27 - $38
Columbia Aruba Roll Up Pant Hiking Pant
Gramicci Rockin' Sport Pant Climbing Pant
Mountain Hardwear MicroChill Pant Fleece Pant
$27 - $55
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Marmot Light Streak Pant Hard Shell Pant
$27 - $33
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