Stubai Tour Lite

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Designed for ski-touring and glacier travel, the Tour Lite is a tough and dependable axe weighing only 14 ounces. Solid one-piece aluminum head and shaft exceed CE certification. Weight: 430-570 grams CE Certified B Please always store your STUBAI ice axe in a dry atmosphere. Humidity as well as acids, salts (sea water) may cause corrosion and may reduce the lifespan of your equipment. Cleaning Use water to clean your ice axe, then dry thoroughly. To avoid corrosion and to allow correct operation of moving parts, lubrication is necesa_sary. Maintenance Always check the whole ice axe and wrist loop carefully before use. Please check also several times during climbing. STUBAI ice axes are designed to be used in mountaineering. Please note that only correct use provides the full strength. For transportation the spike and the adze have to be proa_ tected by an ice tool cover and a spike guard in order to avoid injuries. Full strength of ice axes is provided at temperaa_ tures of about a_30a C up to +70a C. When removing from the ice, please note that tubua_ lar or semi tubular adzes have to be twisted, flat adzes have to be moved horizona_ tally. - Mountains Plus

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