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Recent Ice/Snow Climbing Device Reviews

Black Diamond Serac Strap

rated 4.5 of 5 stars 12-point stainless steel crampon that does the job. I bought these a couple of years ago and I've used them only in snow ranging from powder to crust with my flexible hunting boots, but never on solid ice.After some mixed rocky trail hike, a fellow hiker advised me to buy a knife sharpening stone to sharpen the edges from time to time. I came to no result since stainless steel is VERY HARD to sharpen. Not that I needed any sharpening because till this day they are as sharp as they were when I first… Full review

Petzl Leopard FL

rated 5 of 5 stars The Petzl Leopard FL is an aluminum crampon featuring a Dyneema cord adjustment system. The crampon is so light you won't hate yourself for carrying them when you didn't need them. They are so easy to use and so effective you'll be glad you have them when you do need them. Specifications: All aluminum construction optimized for snow travel Ten points (with dual front points) assure traction on icy terrain Very lightweight 360 gm/12 ounces for pair CORD-TECH optimizes volume when packed in their… Full review

CAMP Corsa Nanotech

rated 5 of 5 stars This is all the ice axe you need for any mountaineering objective that doesn't require a technical ice tool. There is simply no reason to own or consider using a more traditional / heavier ice axe, even for trips that involve mostly glacier walking. This axe is so light you'll never hesitate to bring it with you when other bigger axes might seem like a drag. I've used this ice axe on a few dozen alpine climbing trips over the last two years in various mountain ranges in Washington and British Columbia. Full review

Petzl Nomic

rated 5 of 5 stars Great ice tool for waterfall ice and mixed climbing! Taken me from Rjukan to the Alps and back again! Great ice tool! I bought mine used though a friend (so I do not own the newest generation). It's been perfect for me, climbing WI 3-5 and mixed alpine routes. I can't think of much more to wish for in an ice tool. I was so lucky as to get different blades with the tool, so one for training, one for mixed, one for alpine, and one for water ice. Great swing, even without weights. The only thing I… Full review

CAMP Corsa Nanotech

rated 5 of 5 stars Awesome axe. So light, you'll actually bring it with you. Years ago, I bought a 50cm for ski mountaineering and for that purpose it is hard to beat. A year or two later, I bought another so that I now also have a 60 cm, and one of them now seems to go with me on nearly every trip, from winter ski tours to late-summer alpine traverses. Unless I know I will be facing lengthy sections of steep, hard snow or ice, I bring it. Because of the ultralight weight, I almost never leave an axe at the car only… Full review

Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro

rated 4 of 5 stars Not a slip-on crampon. Once I figured out how to properly mount these on my boots they work great. Size up the crampons to your boot, lock it in. Getting on and strapping in can be a pain. I've used them a dozen times, most recently a hike up Mt. Katahdin. Once I figured how to strap them in properly they stayed tight, and using the fine adjustment helps. I use them on Koflach Arctis Expe boots and Scarpa Jorasses Pro GTX boots.  Full review

Hillsound Trail Crampon

rated 5 of 5 stars Sharp, lightweight spikes make me feel secure while running on the icy roads in the winter in Colorado! I couldn't ask for better spikes to use on icy terrain.  I live in Colorado and run 3 mornings a week when the roads are nice and frozen over.  I have NO fear of slipping and falling when wearing these.  Best part is, I can't even feel that I'm wearing them! Full review

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

rated 5 of 5 stars My FAVORITE crampons! I wear these crampons several times a week for winter hiking and trail running. They are AMAZING. Very lightweight for trail running, yet sturdy enough for any type of terrain! Full review

DMM Cirque

rated 5 of 5 stars My first axe. When I started looking for an ice axe I came across a lot of options for general mountaineering use, but not a single one included a sturdy technical grade one. I wouldn't know if a basic grade axe could withstand anything else than basically walking on soft snow so I really wanted a technical one but not something "exotic". So a hybrid axe it is! For now it's just walking and cutting steps since I never encountered a glacier in Crete to give it a go on ice, but I feel confident when… Full review

Top-Rated Ice and Snow Gear

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CAMP Ice Axe Spike Protector Ice Tool
Black Diamond Pick Protector Ice Axe Accessory
$3 - $4
CAMP Head Protector Ice Axe Accessory
$3 - $4
CAMP Touring Leash Ice Axe Leash
Black Diamond Spike Protector Ice Axe Accessory
Trango Ice Axe Cover Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP X-Grip Tape Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP Blade Runner Crampons Crampon
$6 - $349
CAMP Crampon Bag Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond Axe Protector Ice Axe Accessory
$7 - $28
CAMP X-Plate Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP Spike Protectors Crampon Accessory
$8 - $11
Hillsound Trail Crampon Carry Bag Crampon Accessory
Petzl Pick and Adze Guard Ice Axe Accessory
Black Diamond Slider Leash Ice Axe Leash
$10 - $16
CAMP X-Grips Ice Axe Accessory
Trango Raptor Weight Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP Anti-Balling Plate Crampon Accessory
$10 - $14
Petzl Griptape Ice Axe Accessory
$11 MSRP
Petzl Linkin Leash Ice Axe Leash
$12 - $15
CAMP C10/C12 Linking Bar Crampon Accessory
CAMP Vector Antiballing Plates Crampon Accessory
$12 MSRP
CAMP Stalker Antiballing Plates Crampon Accessory
$12 MSRP
CAMP Cassin Crampon Anti-Balling Plate Crampon Accessory
CAMP XLC Nanotech Anti-Balling Plate Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond ABS-Contact/Neve Crampon Accessory
$12 - $17
CAMP X-Alp Leash Ice Axe Leash
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
Black Diamond Lockdown Leash Ice Axe Leash
$13 - $17
Black Diamond Standard Adze Ice Axe Pick
$13 - $18
CAMP Tour 350 Anti-Balling Plates Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond Cyborg Frontpoint Crampon Accessory
$14 MSRP
CAMP Alpina Leash Ice Axe Leash
Black Diamond Cobra/Viper Strike Ice Axe Accessory
$15 MSRP
Black Diamond Cobra/Viper Fang Ice Axe Accessory
$15 MSRP
Grivel Flex Bar Crampon Accessory
Petzl Antisnow Plates Crampon Accessory
$15 - $26
Petzl Fakir Crampon Accessory
$15 - $19
Petzl Cord-Tec Crampon Accessory
$15 - $19
Grivel Long Leash Ice Axe Leash
Grivel Flex Long Bar Crampon Accessory
Trango Clutch Leash Ice Axe Leash
$16 MSRP
CAMP Alpax Leash Ice Axe Leash
Petzl Multihook
CAMP X-Alp Pick Ice Axe Pick
CAMP X-Adze Ice Axe Accessory
$17 - $19
CAMP Blade Runner Alpine Front Points Crampon Accessory
$17 - $35
Petzl Griprest Ice Axe Accessory
$19 MSRP
Kahtoola KTS Snow Release Skins Crampon Accessory
Kahtoola KTS & K-10 Tote Sack Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond Asymmetrical Flex Center Bars Crampon Accessory
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