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Recent Ice/Snow Climbing Device Reviews

Petzl Summit 2

rated 5 of 5 stars Best in class ice axe for all around mountaineering use. Pick up a Quark Trigger Rest to make the perfect all round axe. The Summit 2 took the comfortable stainless steel head from its predecessor but removed all the superfluous rubber, shedding half its weight. At a impressive 400g for the 66cm it works tremendously well. Self arrests feel natural compared to the BD Raven as you don't have to alter your grip on the head, and I find when holding a fall feels more stable than with the Raven. For… Full review

Black Diamond Raven with Grip

rated 5 of 5 stars If you have ever wondered if you need an ice axe, the answer is yes and this is probably the one you need. When your mountaineering requires a little pick swinging, but not enough to justify a hybrid tool like the Black Diamond Venom (I lost mine) the Raven is a very good choice.  The Raven is my fourth ice axe. I have climbed Mt. Adams, St. Helens, and I just returned from using my Raven on my second summit of Mt Rainier. I've also used axes on several smaller summit scrambles. My needs are mostly… Full review

Grivel G10

rated 4 of 5 stars High quality, good fitting steel crampon; excess strap annoying. I use these for hiking and scrambling when there is enough slope that I need the grip. They hold well on ice and hard pack, and give some assurance in deep snow. The antibott works as advertised...I never get snow packing on them. They are a 10 point crampon and designed for regular hiking boots, NOT mountaineering boots. The toe and heel fittings fold down and the length collapses to make them easier to pack. The straps stay tight… Full review

Black Diamond Lockdown Leash

rated 3 of 5 stars Works, but not terribly comfortable. Instructions are useless. To be fair, this leash works OK and I've had no problems with it. But to be more critical, I expected a bit more comfort and a smoother functioning "lock down." The instructions provided are for all BD leashes and it's very difficult to see how exactly this particular leash should be set up. Not sure if I'm getting the best use of it. Meh... Full review

Black Diamond Neve

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Excellent touring crampons for ordinary hiking boots. I've owned a couple of pairs of touring crampons for ordinary hiking boots. These are soo much better than my first pair you wouldn't even put them in the same competition. After correctly setting the length of my boot, these crampons have NEVER slipped off my boot — unlike my other pair! For their intended use these are just great. These are obviously not for ice climbers! But for touring in steep old snow these are just fabulous. Highly recommended! Full review

Grivel G1 Crampon

rated 5 of 5 stars Simple and light crampon for not too steep, and glacier walking. I use this for easy winter mountain. In fact it is not easy to find user of G1 crampon. But if you consider snow walk or winter climbing, and do not have technical boots, it can be good solution. Not for technical or ice climbing, front pick is short and not too sharp, but can hold tight in deep snow in normal trekking and hiking. If you want to enjoy snow trekking or glacier walking, I recommend this.  This crampon is between rubber… Full review

Hillsound Trail Crampon

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great for winter and icy hiking conditions. These trail crampons have great traction. I put them on when I get on the trail and leave them on until I get back from my hike. I have passed many people either without crampons or basic Yaktraxs on in icy conditions and it was night and day, many of these people trying to "ice skate" up and down the trail using trees or anything else they could get their hands on (including myself) so they would not slip and fall. I was one of those hikers until I… Full review

Forrest Mjolnir

rated 3.5 of 5 stars With skye pick, compares favorably with modern ice tools - best third tool ever While tube picks were a fad that was justifiably short-lived, and the "alpine" classic curve pick was nothing to write home about, the skye pick (pterrordactyl knock-off) is a gem of engineering that still compares favorably with modern ice tools (in my opinion). In the 2015 season, I'm still carrying one as a third tool, although the picks are becoming impossible to find. Anybody out there who has old mjolnir skye picks… Full review

Black Diamond Raven

rated 4.5 of 5 stars How much can you say about an ice axe? This is not the lightest axe or strongest axe, but it's the best general mountaineering axe on the market. It does its job. Call me old school, but I believe an ice axe is the last place to try to save weight. You want something strong and burly. If you want to cut ounces, go for a jog and lose the love handles.The Raven is perfect for self belay and self arrest. Make you get it long enough — if you need something shorter, get a more technical axe like the… Full review

Top-Rated Ice and Snow Gear

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CAMP Ice Axe Spike Protector Ice Tool
CAMP Stalker Antiballing Plates Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond Spike Protector Ice Axe Accessory
Black Diamond Pick Protector Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP Head Protector Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP Touring Leash Ice Axe Leash
CAMP Cassin Crampon Anti-Balling Plate Crampon Accessory
CAMP C10/C12 Linking Bar Crampon Accessory
$6 - $19
CAMP X-Grip Tape Ice Axe Accessory
Trango Ice Axe Cover Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP Spike Protectors Crampon Accessory
$8 - $11
CAMP Crampon Bag Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond ABS-Cyborg Crampon Accessory
$9 - $29
Grivel G14 Set Alu Spacers And Bolts Crampon Accessory
Grivel Axe Guard Ice Axe Accessory
Kahtoola Snow Release Skins Crampon Accessory
$10 - $18
Black Diamond Axe Protector Ice Axe Accessory
$10 - $46
Black Diamond Cobra/Viper Fang Ice Axe Accessory
$10 - $14
Hillsound Trail Crampon Carry Bag Crampon Accessory
Trango Clutch Leash Ice Axe Leash
Petzl Griptape Ice Axe Accessory
Black Diamond Asymmetrical Center Bar Crampon Accessory
$11 - $24
CAMP Anti-Balling Plate Crampon Accessory
$12 - $14
Kahtoola KTS Tote Sack Crampon Accessory
$12 - $19
CAMP Vector Anti-Balling Plates Crampon Accessory
$12 MSRP
CAMP C12 Anti-Balling Plate Crampon Accessory
$12 MSRP
CAMP Vector Antiballing Plates Crampon Accessory
CAMP XLC Nanotech Anti-Balling Plate Crampon Accessory
CAMP Tour 350 Anti-Balling Plates Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond Cyborg Frontpoint Crampon Accessory
Grivel Long Leash Ice Axe Leash
Black Diamond Cobra/Viper Strike Ice Axe Accessory
Grivel Valter Standard Bar Crampon Accessory
Trango Raptor Weight Ice Axe Accessory
Grivel Snake Ice Axe Accessory
Grivel Flex Long Bar Crampon Accessory
Petzl Antisnow Plates Crampon Accessory
$15 - $52
Grivel Rambo Dualpoint Spacer Crampon Accessory
Black Diamond Long Flex Center Bar Crampon Accessory
$15 - $19
Grivel G10/G12/G14 FLex Plate Crampon Accessory
CAMP X-Grips Ice Axe Accessory
CAMP Alpax Leash Ice Axe Leash
Petzl Linkin Leash Ice Axe Leash
Petzl Multihook
Petzl Griprest Ice Axe Accessory
$16 - $20
CAMP Alpina Leash Ice Axe Leash
$16 MSRP
Black Diamond Standard Flex Center Bar Crampon Accessory
$16 - $19
Black Diamond Slider Leash Ice Axe Leash
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
Black Diamond Lockdown Leash Ice Axe Leash
CAMP X-Alp Leash Ice Axe Leash
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