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rated 5 of 5 stars I stumbled onto the Moonstone brand at a "high-end" outfitter in 1990 in Boston, Mass. I have the Optima Long and Maxima Long bags, with snap-in liner. The latter is used mostly in New England winters; the former in spring and fall cool weather. My Optima is showing its age with a couple rips on the zipper baffle this fall. Hardly a cold night in either bag. Too bad to hear, now years later, about the closure of Moonstone.  I have been convinced more than once about the value of synthetic bags… Full review

Cirrus Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars I purchased this Moonstone Jacket (in brown) several years ago. It is an absolutely wonderful garment ... light, windproof.. washes wonderfully. it has seen me through many treks in all types of wind & weather.... can be worn underneath any other outerwear, trekking, mountaineering. I also wear it as casual jacket... it always looks good...... anywhere. I have searched in vain to find another one but I have been unable to locate this product anywhere.. Does anybody know where I could find it? Full review

Nordwand Jacket

rated 4 of 5 stars Awesome Jacket... still get comments on it. Runs small... true to the statement "Trim Fit", and you're talking to a guy who is 5'7" at 140lbs and I normally love all my stuff very FITTED but this is a tad bit on the uncomfortable side. You may have to go one size bigger just to layer for really cold ice climbs. I can barely get two thin layers of base-layers - for example: a short sleeve EMS T1 and a long sleeve T1 combo or barely a single layer medium weight Patagonia Capilene. Seems best suited… Full review

650 Great Divide

rated 5 of 5 stars I've had a Moonstone Great Divide bag for about 10 years. I love the bag. It's still in great condition. I use it for all my cool and cold weather camping/backpacking and find it very comfortable from the mid-60's F (with bag unzipped) into the 20's F. I tend to be a chilly sleeper (even at home), so I wouldn't use it colder than the mid-20's F, unless I used a bag liner/cover or wore long underwear while sleeping. If I was a warm sleeper, I suspect I could use the bag into colder temperatures. Full review

800 Liberty Ridge

rated 5 of 5 stars Pros: This is a warm bag. I have used it even it the winter time. One cold winter with the wind blowing I cuddled up in it and sat in a lawn chair all night. The next morning I had frost on the bag but I was warm inside. (sleeping pad, fleece blanket used) I have slept in it on hoar frosted ground with a sleeping pad and stayed comfortable in it. I had a coat on. Cons: This is a very noisy bag because of having nylon in the head area. When my ears slide on the nylon it makes plenty of noise. It… Full review

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