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Family Cabin 8-Person Tent 14' x 14'

rated 3 of 5 stars Used two times and the zipper broke and can't seem to find a part or even get any help finding one. Does great in the rain and is good quality BESIDES THE ZIPPER. Super upset. The setup for the tent is awesome. I did it with my girlfriend within 15 minutes. Did awesome in the rain which we had for 11 days straight—nothing got wet inside the tent! THERE IS A LOT OF ROOM. We had two queen size double high air mattresses and 1 twin kid one! Plus 4 people and all their luggage. The zipper is the only… Full review

Olympic Cottage Deluxe Cabin Tent

rated 3 of 5 stars We have used ours for three camping trips, good space, love the closet features and the partition. I had to color code the instruction label in order to remember how to do it each time. On the 3rd trip the hubby didn't pay attention to taking it down properly (taking down wall poles first) then setting the ceiling framing on ground to separate. He snapped the steeple hub ( if I remember correctly). Turns out there is no place to get replacement parts! Full review

Olympic Cottage Deluxe Cabin Tent

rated 0.5 of 5 stars I fell in love with the look of this tent so I bought one. On the first night of camping it got windy and the pole hubs broke, three of them to be exact. This made the tent unusable. It ruined our trip. Nothing in a tent frame should be plastic...EVER! If the tent is remade with everything metal on a frame, I would buy it. Full review

Big Timber

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Great space. I have had 4 men and a boy comfortably fit in this tent without crowding. Also was in some pretty hard rains with no leaking. Not really available since it has been discontinued, but it was definitely a great tent and the envy of many of my group outings. The Northwest Territories Big Timber tent is a fantastic tent. It is a tri-section tent with three doors instead of the standard two opening tent. Beside the three doors the main body has a larger door that serves as the main door… Full review

Hiking Boot

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Best boots I've ever owned. Kept my feet warm and dry in Alaska, Minnesota, and now Oregon! Wish I could find another pair like I have right now. Absolutely the BEST boots I've ever owned! Full review

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