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Peak Oil Jacket

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Take an old material and proofing method and apply it in a modern design — this is the Peak Oil Jacket. Canvas proofed with bees wax and linseed oil, kangaroo leather details and built with minimal seams to an open source pattern. This is a unique jacket suitable for a wide range of applications. First things first, I have worn this jacket everyday since it arrived. I love it! I wear it around the house, out to the washing line, putting the rubbish out. Any excuse to wear it. I really look forward… Full review

RE Factor Tactical Advanced Special Operations (ASO) Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars Bag has everything I need! Great bag perfect for traveling. It's very durable and the waterproof bottom is a huge plus. I really liked the large opening on the top so I could fit larger items into the bag. Full review

RE Factor Tactical Advanced Special Operations (ASO) Bag

rated 5 of 5 stars The RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag is hands down the best all around bag I have ever purchased. I used this as a range bag, travel bag, short hiking bag, and bug-out bag. The bag is designed to versatile and has replaced about 10 other bags that I used for various purposes. The ASO Bag was designed by some military guys as a bag that could be carried through an international airport and not look like a tactical bag, but also has all the great features of a bag that a soldier might need. From this design… Full review

Fremont Knives Farson Blade

rated 4 of 5 stars Super sharp edged unique blade for everything from chopping to skinning. The design for this survival blade came from a stone knife found near Farson, Wyoming, in the Great Red Desert. Forged from steel or titanium, its simple design and unique shape do not cause undo attention to this tool. The Farson blade by Fremont Knives is a design taken from a relic stone knife found in the Great Red Desert near Farson, Wyoming. For a better grip and reduction in weight the designers eliminated the center… Full review

Amok Draumr

rated 4 of 5 stars Camp in a bag, setup in less than half the time of any other tent I have seen. Extraordinary breakthrough in hammock design. There is a learning curve. This is a limited first edition Draumr by Amok.  This is a new start up company out of Norway that has come up with a revolution in hammock camping. First shipped end of July 2014. While the overall design is brilliant, there are a few issues that need to be considered before investing in this camp system. Compared to setting up a standard two-person… Full review

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