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Imusa Aluminum Mug

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Imusa aluminum mug/pot 1 liter I had been admiring one of these with my wife in a store while on a trip. Once I got home, before I could decide whether to get one, they stopped carrying them. Later, my wife came across one on the clearance rack for under $3 and got it for me. It has a good capacity at over a quart, has a stable wide bottom, which is also efficient for collecting heat.  It is aluminum which conducts heat well. There is no nonstick coating to be damaged. You can’t beat the price. Full review

Gearbest KL-S1 Stove

rated 3 of 5 stars Gearbest High Quality Heat-resistant Portable Folding Split Type Camping Stove KL-S1 This is a $13 Chinese remote canister stove that looks like it could be a copy of the Kovea Spider stove. (Actually right after I ordered this, before it arrived, my wife won a Kovea Spider stove as a door prize.) The price included shipping to the U.S. from China, via the Netherlands from a website called gearbest. (Not sure why that particular routing was used, but it took about 3 weeks.) It is a little larger… Full review

Rich-Moore 7000 Remote Canister Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars Rich-Moore 7000 Remote Canister Stove. This is a vintage remote canister stove. These were made by ALP for Rich-Moore. ALP stands for Allanter Leisure Products Inc. in the UK. It sold for 14.95 in 1974. It’s not a bad stove. It was advanced for the time (so I gave it more points than if it were new) and is not much smaller than similar type modern stoves. The stove is easy to light. There are three legs that rotate to nest together, and then the hose wraps around it, although the pot support doesn’t… Full review

Wilcor Trekking Poles

rated 5 of 5 stars Hiking/trekking poles, shock absorbing. Exceptional hiking/trekking poles.  Aluminum construction Three section, twist to unlock, extend, and lock. VERY good lock. I'm 200+ pounds and the locks have never failed on me.  Infinite length adjustment (you're not limited to pre-made detents) out to almost 4 feet. I use the wrist straps most when pushing up difficult terrain. The straps are also very secure and the lock on those has never failed either. The shock absorbers are also very handy in some… Full review

Oberta Bacon Jerky

rated 4 of 5 stars Taste great and has the texture of regular bacon. Usually I am not a big fan of jerky as I find most of it too sweet for my liking. Oberta Bacon Jerky is a refreshingly different product. Oberta Bacon Jerky tastes great and has good texture just like home cooked bacon. The jerky is not tough or too crunchy. This jerky is also great for snacking anytime you need a quick protein boost. I like bacon when backpacking, especially for breakfast. The cost for this jerky is very close to the precooked bacon… Full review

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