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2 Burner Propane Stove

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Used it two times, then on third time no gas feeds to the burner's regulator. This is a piece of crap, a waste of money, don't buy and there should be a recall on them and get our money back. I would have given it ZERO stars, but it wouldn't let me... Piece of crap. Full review

10' x 14' Cabin Tent

rated 0.5 of 5 stars Used two times and zipper broke. Bought this tent in September 2015 used two times and the second time the zipper would not zip, had to use clothespins to partially close the door. Paid $162—junk. You can not reach OZARK TRAILS! I can see why. So friends, I hope you save your hard earned money and buy something that will last you. I had this tent three months and it is garbage. Full review

2 Burner Propane Stove

rated 2 of 5 stars While both my burners and regulator work great, this stove is not worth its weight. You would think a nearly 10-lb stove could support boiling a stockpot full of chicken? Nope. I used this as my main cook top for 6 months, mainly boiling meat, noodles, and heating canned food before it failed me and I gave it away. It failed when I went to boil some chicken leg quarters. After maybe 10 minutes of boiling I see my stockpot is crooked, so I pull it off and see the grate has collapsed. While it is… Full review

Elevated Anywhere Bed Air Mattress

rated 4 of 5 stars The only problem we had with the airbag was the rubber stopper has started to tear up after we have used it so many times. Bed is still good, but the stopper is tearing up little by little. How can I get a new stopper? The bed was good, but the rubber stopper tears up a little bit every time I use it. Full review


rated 1 of 5 stars I have used these shoes before with no problems. They lasted 2 to 3 years, but two months ago I bought two pairs, put one away for when the first wear out in case I couldn't find them anymore. Bad mistake. In two months both pair's soles came off. I won't buy these anymore and I also got them at Walmart. TOTAL TRASH. Full review

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