REI Double Shot Press Mug

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With the REI® Double Shot Press Mug, if you have access to hot water, you can make two mugs of terrific tasting coffee on the go! French-press functionality gives you delicious fresh brewed coffee when you want, where you want. Plus, never be without a second round: A special air-tight canister conveniently stores away ground coffee in the base of the mug. To brew coffee, simply put your fresh ground coffee in the mug, add very hot water (not boiling) press the plunger, steep and sip—it's that easy. Double-wall stainless-steel construction ensures your coffee stays enjoyably hot and fresh for long periods of time. French-press mechanism comes with its own commuter-style cap with a screen over the sip hole to keep grounds inside. Or, when using the mug for tea or coffee from a conventional pot, use the secondary commuter cap with sliding sip-hole closure. Mug features a beefy handle to accommodate large hands and a narrow base to fit most cars' cup holders. Two rubber gaskets encircle the mug to cut down on vibration noise while in a cup holder and reduce shock to the system if tipped. - REI

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