Smartwool Mountaineer Sock



Very good. I love good socks and feet are so important…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $22.95

Very good. I love good socks and feet are so important to safety and success of adventure and competition.

Warm, thick padding, smooth and comfortable but not too hot as they vent well and with good temperature control. As well they move moisture well too. I use a liner sock under them when using in excessive movement conditions and this makes nice benefit and safety against any possibility of blisters if even that could happen.

At the end of a day when they may be needing a wash / rinse this is easily done and with a gentle ringing out of the water they also dry well, e.g. overnight.

If any change I would like them to be up to 5 inches longer.

Yes, I do recommend and would buy again from REI.


SmartWool hiking socks are some of the most expensive…

Rating: rated 0 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $18

SmartWool hiking socks are some of the most expensive socks in the market. I have no problems paying more for a piece of gear that will out perform less expensive items of similar purpose, however it is not the case of SmartWool socks that they are worth their price.

Smartwool socks wear out so fast it's ridiculous - you could buy socks from a cheap department store and those would last longer. While it may be true that SmartWool has some attractive, comfortable designs, so do some other companies.

My advice is that you try a WigWam sock because they are less expensive, just as attractive and comfortable, and it is not possible for a sock to wear out faster than SmartWool.


My favorite winter hiking/camping sock for several…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Materials: merino wool blend
Use: winter mountaineering/snowshoeing
Break-in Period: none
Weight: not much
Price Paid: $18

My favorite winter hiking/camping sock for several years. thicker and warmer than anything else i have been able to find (caveat - i'm testing a pair of Bridgedale summit socks that are pretty close). because the sock is so thick, i can't wear them with any of my non-winter hiking boots. they are reserved for the really cold days snowshoeing in Pac Boots or the winter mountaineering boots. paired with good boots, my feet have been toasty in these socks at thirty below zero, fahrenheit, and they would have been happy at much colder temps.

durability has been excellent. no holes, no noticeable wear. they tend to "pill" a little on the exterior. that's cosmetic and hasn't affected the fit or performance; the loops inside the sock have worn very well. on longer trips, the socks tend to become a little stretched out, though not so much so that it has been a problem.

not a good sock for the clothes dryer. line dry them to avoid shrinkage over the long term. washing them inside out can help with pilling. i have also noticed that the clothes dryer tends to make the fuzzy interior bunch up somewhat over time.

a winner. pricey, but...having ten toes is priceless.


I purchased two pairs, which is bad because they don't…

Rating: rated 0.5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $19/pair

I purchased two pairs, which is bad because they don't even stay up. They bunch down in my boots and start to cause hot spots. I am going to send them to Smartwool and see what they will do.

I have big soccer calves too, by the way, but they need to be taller and a little more snug. Maybe my calves stretched them or are they meant just for very slim built people.

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